Dungeon Moon

Rhea, moon of Juipiter, transformed into Dungeon Moon

Orbiting a distant star is a planet of fertile soil and thriving oceans. A sphere of blue and green–a land of high adventure where wizards and warriors wander. Every day, you see it rise over you, and you wish with all your might that you had been born there instead of here.

Your great-grandparents, and the other old timers, have told you all about it. How the ground was soft, and the sky awash with beautiful colors. You were raised on fantastic tales of a place where it isn’t always cold, and there was something to eat other than flavorless gray paste and the meat off of your dead friends’ bones. It baffles you why they ever chose to come here, to this ball of stone built by a Motherless Warlock who thought a mere wizard’s tower was beneath his dignity. They’ve tried to explain to you the allure of the money he offered for their labor, but you’d trade every silver coin in the village for a turkey leg, or a sunny day.

It seems so foolish of them not to have considered the possibility that the warlock would tire of his orbiting toy. That he’d up and disappear one day, without so much as a word. Without leaving anyone a way to get home. Without teaching them how to maintain the magical tables which once produced feasts instead of grey paste. Or how to restrain the terrifying creatures which will level the town if its wards against non-humans ever fail.

You’ve decided you’re done sitting in the tenuous safety of your village. Perhaps you’ve decided to search for the mythical portal which will take you down to the surface of that sphere of blue and green. Perhaps you hope to accumulate as much wealth and power on the sphere as you can, hoping to replace that Motherless Warlock who abandoned it. Or, maybe, you just figure leaving the village is an easier way to die. Whatever your reason: welcome to Dungeon Moon.

Nitty Gritty

Dungeon Moon is a campaign setting / funhouse megadungeon I’m running with the Lamentations of the Flame Princess rules. The primary focus of the game at present is the Megadungeon which fills the entirety of the planet’s interior. But I’m also working to produce a fun hexcrawl sandbox for the moon’s surface.

Dungeon Moon is very much a work in progress, with large unfinished sections and a lot of problems still to solve. What parts of it get worked on largely depend on which directions my players choose to go, and much time I’m able to pull away from other projects.

As my players finish sections of the dungeon, I’ll releasing those as self-contained modules. The first of which, as of this writing, should be available soon.


Questions and Answers on the Setting
Stockton Information (Forthcoming)
Spending Money on Dungeon Moon (Forthcoming)
Lamentations of the Flame Princess Random Character Generator from Ramanan S.
Play Reports from Gus L.

Dungeon Moon I
Dungeon Moon II
Dungeon Moon VII

Loot Recovered by the Party
Rulings discussed on g+


I’ve recently revived Dungeon Moon for an in-person game that I’m playing with my brother and some of his friends. Play reports will be posted here.

Session 1 – A Net Loss of Treasure
Session 2 – The Nohells Clan

4 thoughts on “Dungeon Moon”

    1. No problem at all!

      If you like, I wrote a module based on a Dungeon Moon adventure. It’s not published yet, but I could email you the draft. It’s entirely complete.

      It’s not suitable as an introductory adventure, but if you run the game for more than a few sessions, you could probably work it in. And hey, if you send me a play report with information on what works and what didn’t, I could list you and your players as playtesters. =P

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