Session 75 – If they don’t have names, it can’t be evil to kill them.

Dramatis Personae
+Red Flanagan as Don Harper of Mars
+Ronnie Whelan as Ronnina
+Moreven Brushwood as GOBBOS

1 Question books on the subjects of: Christmas Decorations, Time Travel, Scary Dogs, and Life on Mars

Tricks and Treats
Poog: Lost all his teeth. Will grow back after the next haven turn.
Mogmurch: Weapon will be a complete dud during the next combat.
Chuffy: For the next year, every seat he sits on will have a whoopie cushion on it.
Don: Tickets to THE CARNIVAL.
Ronnina: One free window jump. Nice and safe, only 2 damage.

NPC Interactions

Bartleby – Hired to make toys in Trumpquatia

Moxie MacGee – Has an auto boomerang now. Looking for umquat.

The Peeping Woman – Was killed

Polly – Runs a brothel.

Bobbert – Still likes Don, helped him find some sacrifices.

Highlights Recap

Real talk, I’m really drunk, and kinda tired, but I realize I’ve been putting this off for too long already, and I gotta get it done. So I’mma just bust through this shit.

The party began the session with 17 people incapacitated, ready to have their souls extracted. They decided to stop right there and extract the souls. The referee determined that it would require two encounter checks for them to pass enough time to get the work done.

First off, they noticed a pile of garbage nearby rustling and shifting. Immediately they assumed it must be the survivalist they spotted a few sessions back, and moved to tackle and pin whoever was under the garbage. Only after did they discover that it was just a poor homeless man named Bartleby. He recognized them as the ones who had destroyed his home, but saved his stuff, back in session 22.

They were pondering whether they should extract his soul, but didn’t really want to, so they asked him if he was good for anything. He told them he could whittle, and showed them an example of his work. It was good enough that they probably couldn’t have made it themselves, but not so good that they might not THINK they could have made it themselves. None the less, they hired him to make toys for the orphans back in Trumpquatia.

A moment later, a short figure showed up, with an Auto-Boomerang launcher over his shoulder. He introduced himself as Moxie MacGee, and asked where he could find Umquat. The party claimed to be ignorant, and Moxie, frustrated, went off to search for her elsewhere.

The party then decided to swing by Trumpquatia to get a few weeks rest, and recover some hit points. On the way there, they found a book store, and got some books. Half of which were potentially useful, the other half of which were just goofy stuff for the gobbos, including a spoopy novel about scary dogs.

The party spent two weeks resting so Ronnina could recover hit points, while the rest of the party just sorta goofed off a bit. On Halloween, they went out Trick or Treating. They got some good stuff, and some bummer stuff, described in “Tricks and Treats” above.

Once Ronnina was recovered, the party set off again for Comet Caller territory, hoping to gather enough souls along the way. Before they left Fighting Mongoose territory, they once again encountered the peeping woman, who they had previously encountered in sessions 56 and 58. Like before, she ran, and like before, the gobbos chased her. Unlike before, however, when they caught up to her, Poog slashed with his plastic sword, and severed her spine. She collapsed to the ground, cursing her pursuers for stopping her in her noble quest to elimenate the perversity of Early Bloomers from the Dome. Don tried to torture her, for some reason, and failed, killing her.

Further along, the party encountered Polly’s Prostitutes. They were disturbed enough by this that they just kept their heads down, and continued on their way.

Slightly further along, the party discovered a bunch of trash that had been laid out carefully. Categorized, and sorted. They looked over it for a bit, and Ronnina took a denim jacket with “Primo Jacket” bedazzled on the back, but the party never really figured out what they were looking at.

Before leaving Rulers Beneath the Black territory, the party decided to search around and find some more souls. Don Harper got in touch with Bobbert, who was able to hand over 6 of his intended human sacrifices to have their souls sucked out. He told Don that Don needed to repent and make things right with Akiovasha, and Don thanked him for the advice.

To round up the last few souls they needed, the Gobbos went out to dance in the street, and Ronnina cast sleep. They finally managed to collect 32 souls, and the session ended In Media Res

Holy fuck I’m glad I got that done.

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