Session 74 – Fuck, that 18 Charisma is Really Useful

Dramatis Personae
+Red Flanagan as Don Harper of Mars
+Ronnie Whelan as Ronnina
+Moreven Brushwood as The Four Gobbos

A Soul Extractor on a 6 month rental.

I have not had a spare moment to write this since we played the session. I apologize for how late it is, and for how sketchy I am with the details. I’m afraid I don’t remember enough to fill in much beyond the bare bones of my notes.

NPC Interactions
Farago the Drunkard – Had a friendly run in with the party. Likes the Gobbos quite a bit, and Rita left with him on a little off-screen adventure of their own.

Succubus – Handed Don his child, and left.

Don Harper’s Son – Is 4 months old.

Some Outsiders – Hired by the party to do basic, above-ground mercenary work.

Highlights Recap

As we join our adventurers in media res, they have just rolled their final encounter on their way back to the seclusium of Firing Squad. Unfortunately for our “heroes,” this encounter is with a Dragon! Did they survive the terrible encounter? Were they burned to a crisp? Read on, and find out!

Farago the Drunkard, a dragon the party had encountered once before, stumbled onto the scene. Mugmurch immediately leaped forward to introduce himself, and rolled a 12. Farago was in quite a good mood, and had some fun chatting with the goblins (not really noticing the other characters quite so much). He allowed them to ride on his back for a bit, and asked them to go on an adventure with him. The gobbos conferred, and decided that Rita would go on an adventure with Farago, the Drunkard Dragon.

The Gobbos went through a long, slow ritual the rest of the party had never seen before, sending Rita away on her journey in an unusually formal manner. Even more oddly, Sheniqua seemed to know exactly what was going on, and played a drum for the ceremony.

Once Rita had disappeared over the Horizon, the party continued South to meet up with Firing Squad. He was overjoyed to receive the Magshield Software, and happily loaned the party his soul extractor, saying he wouldn’t need it back for at least 6 months, and they could use it as much as they pleased.

This was followed by approximately 100 years of discussion about what the party wanted to do next. On the one hand, they needed to rest. On the other, they needed 32 souls to complete the next stage of this quest. Should those be gathered quickly, or ethically? It was a lot to wrap their heads around.

Ultimately, they decided that the next step should be making their way back to Comet Caller territory, and maybe they’d find some souls worth sucking up along the way. To fascilitate this, they hired some Outsider mercenaries. Nobody crazy enough to fight monsters or follow them into dungeons, but some guys willing to fight other humans for a little coin.

Their first encounter was with Farago the Drunkard and Rita, who had apparently gotten lost on their way North, and wound up further South than where they were before. The party pointed them in the correct direction, then moved on.

A little further along, the party ran into the Succubus which Don had sex with back in session 44. She handed him a baby, and disappeared without saying much. The baby is 4 months old, has foot-long horns protruding from his head, and there is only fire in his eyes.

A little further along, the party wandered into the path of a cosmic ray. Most of them made their saving throws, but Don Harper suffered a mutation, and now has long hair growing all over his body.

Yet further along, the party ran into a group of 16 Worshipers Beneath the Black, led by a priest. Ronnina cast sleep, which knocked out 12 of them, and the Outsiders tackled and knocked out the rest. The party determined that these would be perfect souls to start with, and that is when the session ended In Media Res

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