Session 72 – Does a 38 Hit You?

Dramatis Personae
+Adventures of the Mind as Don Harper of Mars
+Ronnie Whelan as Ronnina
+Moreven Brushwood as the Four Gobbos

None I can think of atm.

_NPC Interactions
Sheniqua and Albert both had a good time.

The Three Hooded Figures – Met for the first time. They’re fucking powerful and scary.

Ronnina knows Deviltongue

Don Harper does not know Deviltongue

The Spectral Dogs created by Ronnina’s spell do not have enough weight to effectively grapple, nor do they have any particularly good sense of smell.

Highlights Recap
Holed up in the kitchen, the party texted Ronnina, who sic’d her dogs on the froglike creature. A whole horde of the things leaped on it,d dealing tons of damage. A moment later, Don Harper popped out and threw his improvised fart grenade into the creature’s mouth, and the four gobbos also did things, including a not-insignificant amount of damage, and also riding it.

The Froglike thing wasn’t helpless, though, and managed to whip its razor-sharp tongue around enough to kill 4 of Ronnina’s dogs. before Ronnina herself opened up a fire portal, and burned the thing to a crisp. (Shortly thereafter, it popped open and foam began to bubble out, like a science fair volcano).

With the creature defeated, the party set themselves towards exploring deeper into this new building, and hopefully finding the magshield deployment software they were here for. It was suggested that Ronnina might try turning into a giant snake and smashing through the doors. Despite not having the spell prepared, Ronnina made the attempt anyway, and suffered a spell failure, turning into a simple garden snake instead. Poog picked up Ronnina and wore her on his head.

The party then moved on anyways. They found a combination office/bedroom, and decided to goof off in it, doing a bunch of dumb boring stuff, and jumping on the bed.

After awhile, the door to the room opened, and three robed figures came in. None of their faces were visible, but they were paragons of genre fiction evil guys, with blazing fires for eyes, and skull-pauldrons on top of their robes.

The leader stood in the front, while the two beside him spoke. The first asked the party what they were doing here, and the party played dumb. They claimed a hole had fallen open, and they’d wandered through it. One of the figures then moved off to find the hole the party had blasted, and examine it.

The other of the servitors then began to ask the party what they had seen, and what they had done. The party continued to play dumb, and the figure seemed satisfied that they were not a threat. It asked them to come with it, back through the hole they’d entered through. The party agreed, then Don used Vanish, snuck up behind the lead figure, and attempted to grab them to use as a human shield, so he could tranquilize the other.

The grapple attempt failed, and the leader of the hooded figures slapped don, rolling a 38 to attack, and dealing 3 damage. It was then agreed that the party should cooperate with the hooded figures.

When they reached the hole they’d blasted (now covered in chalk symbols of arcane purpose by the one who had wandered away), vials of liquid were placed in their hands, and they were instructed to drink, so they would forget. After some deliberation, they did so, and fell into a deep sleep.

When they awoke, most of the party had no memory of what had occurred. They were back in the gymnasium of the previous building, and the hole they had blasted into the wall was gone. By now, however, Ronnina had returned to a human form, well after she would have been expected to drink. She got the party back up to speed on what they’d been doing, and informed them that the hole was still there. The creatures had only covered it up with an illusion, probably intending to fill it in properly later.

The party then sneaked back into the area beyond, taking the expedition much more seriously now that they realized there were actual threats to their safety down here. Moving towards the West, they noticed the floor turn to a hot black stone, with glowing red veins running through it. They decided to head East to avoid this.

They came upon a long hall filled with many doors. Behind the first was a closet filled with dead-looking humans in vaccuum sealed bags, hanging from a rack like clothes in a closet. The bags were all labeled in a strange language which only Ronnina recognized–Deviltongue. What the labels actually said wasn’t much help, though. It was a bunch of words meant to describe variations in a sense that humans do not have. Understanding them is as impossible for a human as understanding the words “savory” or “sweet” would be to a creature without a sense of taste.

The next door down proved not to be an entrance to a new space, but rather, opened up into a nest of wires and computers, some of which was mounted to the doors. A maintainance panel for the building’s electronic systems, from back during the pre-apocalypse.

Don Harper managed to get the system up and working well enough to enter some simple queries on his phone. First, the party searched for Magshield Deployment Software, and only one search result came up. One “Ash Vickers,” a resident of an apartment in this building. Mother of two, owner of two dogs, and worked as a magshield operator at a space port.

The party sent another query, trying to find directions to her apartment, and they managed to get a map of the floor, with her apartment marked…to the West.

Here, the session ended In Media Res

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