Session 7 – In Which the Referee is Too Tired to Run a Good Game

Dramatis Personae:
+Cory Davidson  as Spanner the Techno Priest Cleric
+Linlin Kins as Umquat the Specialist
+Spencer Kelty  as Virgil The Alistair
+Ronnie Whelan  as Ronnina the Magic User

* 8,000 credits payment from The Hangman.
* Umquat: Took the robot’s head to use as a helm.
* Ronnina: Took the robot’s arm, to hopefully replace her own arm.
* Virgil: 6 Hard Drives (Treated as Engineering & Software books, using the Book system: ), a microgyro worth 200 credits, and a graphing calculator worth 150 credits.

* The players have secured the Flight Simulator Complex for The Internet. As agents of The Hangman, they may access the resources of the complex during downtime.
* The players have unlocked the Pilot skill. There is currently no use for this skill, but it may become relevant at some point in the future. Training it up to 1-in-6 requires the expenditure of a skill point, or 1,000 credits and 1 month of training time. Training beyond that is handled normally.
* The players have access to the workshop. With a successful tech roll and 1 week of time, players can get 1 found piece of technology working again. (This should be of note to +Spencer Kelty )

NPC Relationships
* The Hangman: Virgil sent two snapchats (“Parts for Dayzzz” with a roll of 7; “Sweet Victory” standing atop the dead Wire Musk with a roll of 9), and had a brief personal meeting with The Hangman with a roll of 11. (The latter gaining the bonus from Umquat’s suggestion, implanted in the previous session).
* Muta Bro: When the party was in trouble, Muta Bro agreed to stand in the back and fire a bow at the Wire Musk. He wasn’t much help (having an arm covered in flapping bird wings makes using a bow difficult), but he did his best.

Galens Brook’s fingernails were replaced with talons. These may be used to make unarmed melee attacks that deal 1d6 damage.

Training / Research
Ronnina begins research on “Hold Fire, Level 2”

Highlights Recap
Picking up right where they left off, Virgil pulled through the dead robot for valuable parts, while Umquat shook all the techno-junk out of the head so she could wear it as a helmet. Virgil sent The Hangman a snapchat

Meanwhile, in the Rulers Beneath the Black prison up above, a captured techno priest named Spanner wondered what the fuck all that noise happening behind the back wall of his cell was. He examined the wall, tearing away the wallpaper to reveal the secret door that was originally intended as the primary entrance to the flight simulator complex, back when this was an office building instead of a prison.

Deciding that facing the dangers posed by the mysterious noises was preferable to being executed as a heathen, Spanner descended into the flight simulator complex below, where he found a drug addict pulling apart a robot while two terrifying preteen girls waited around for him to be done, with a pair of mutants hanging around in the back.

Feeling the need for a little extra man power, the party agreed to take Spanner along with them as they continued to search through the complex. However, Spanner had created a problem: the entrance to the complex would suddenly be very obvious. Even covering it up, the Rulers Beneath the Black would doubtless thoroughly search the cell for how their missing prisoner had escaped. They’d find the door, and the complex, and that would be bad.

Umquat went up into the cell, closed the door behind her, covered it up with the still-sticky wallpaper as best she could. She then found the largest gap in the rebar bars that  prevented escape. About 4 inches of space. Cutting her hand, she smeared some of her blood on the bar, hoping it might cause the RBTB to entertain the possibility that their prisoner had merely slipped through his bars. She then shadowwalked back through the secret door. The group acknowledged that it was a weak plan, but hopefully it was good enough to confuse the rulers until an Internet construction crew could properly block off the secret door.

Scouting Ahead, Virgil checked out the bathrooms, where there was nothing of interest. He then moved into the engineering lab. A fully equipped, untouched engineering lab from before the fall. It was quite a find, and one Virgil was keen to claim for himself. Knowing that he probably wouldn’t get another chance to have unfettered access, though, he grabbed 8 encumbrance worth of items that looked valuable for himself.

Checking the individual offices next, Virgil ran into a human skeleton supported by a metal superstructure, topped with a grinning steel skull. The party engaged in a brutal battle with the creature, suffering greatly against its purple nether-breath. Several bones were broken, but the party emerged victorious, and Spanner’s magical healing was able to get everyone fit enough to press onwards.

Scouting further, Virgil found an office destroyed by water damage, the simulator’s control room, a briefing amphitheater, and the simulator itself. Nearly the entire facility appeared to be in good condition. It wouldn’t be too difficult to get things back in working order if need be. Then the party looked into the server room, where a Wire Musk had taken up residence.

Virgil managed to retreat without being noticed by the Musk, and the players planned an ambush, charging in from all 3 of the server room’s doors at once. The Musk was taken completely by surprise, and defeated after only a few zaps from its wiry appendages.

The party returned home. Virgil spent some time speaking in private with The Hangman about his desire to claim the laboratory, which she denied, but said he would have access to it if he wished. Galens, meanwhile, indulged his mutation addiction further. This time, he gained claws. Specifically, large black talons growing out from where his fingernails once were. The party all had a good laugh about “Santa Claws.”

The session ended when the referee begged off to grab a nap before work. The players were very understanding about this. In seriousness I am sorry about this session, I felt like garbage. I honestly still feel a little gross after yesterday. That was a mistake on my part. If I end up in this situation again in the future, I’m just going to cancel the game, rather than put myself (or you guys) through that mess.

So ended March 2516 C.E.

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