Session 62 – Stealing is Better Than Buying

Dramatis Personae
+Adventures of the Mind as Don Harper of Mars
+Moreven Brushwood as the Four Gobbos
+Frotz Self as Varouj
+Ronnie Whelan as Ronnina

Don Harper won 100cc from gambling.

2,100cc. No experience is gained from this money, and this money must be used for the purposes of fomenting a people’s revolt in Redstone Lord territory.

New outfits for Don Harper, Albert, Ronnina, Sheniqua, and the Gobbos.

A broken lightning gun

NPC Interactions
Albert – Thinks his new outfit is kinda goofy. (Loyalty remains 11)
Sheniqua – Thinks her new outfit is kinda goofy (Loyalty remains 11)
Dividia Gaym – Likes her new outfit. (Loyalty improves to 6)
Robot Monster – Wishes he and Varouj got new outfits. (Loyalty remains 10)

The Cult of Akiovasha – Interested in seeing their power extend into Redstone Lord territory. Invested some money in making that happen. Will be displeased if they don’t see any results.

Durz The Scavver: The party bought some scavenged junk off of him, and gave him a phone.

If it has never been said before: The Dukes of the Dome are a loose coalition of feudal lords. There’s no governing leadership for the whole territory, but the individual Dukes understand that the only way they can stand up to the larger territories is through cooperation.

Also, the Dukes of the Dome have a textile factory, and their main export is polyester.

Highlights Recap
As the session began, the party had decided to fabricate a causus beli against the Dukes of the Dome for Edward Sallow, but had not yet determined the best way of doing so.

The thought of simply murdering some people was briefly considered, but dismissed as a boring option. Instead, they wanted to create a trade dispute between the two powers, which would cause undue stresses upon the peoples in the Redstone Lords territory, and make them grateful to Edward Sallow if he could end the dispute by conquest.

They first considered disrupting the movement of food between the two, but neither territory is entirely reliant upon the other for its foodstuffs. However, the party did learn that the Dukes of the Dome are known for having a more-or-less functioning textiles factory, and that their polyester exports are highly prized all over the dome, include the Redstone Lords territory. If Polyester was denied to the people of the Redstone lords, they may just be angry enough that nobody could fault Edward Sallow for fixing the problem.

The party first considered the possibility of buying a controlling stake in the company, so they could simply order the Restone Lords to be cut off. However, this would not work. Not only is the party very low of funds at present, but there’s no way the Dukes would allow their primary source of power and prestige to fall into the hands of outsiders. Even if the party did manage to somehow legally finagle themselves a controlling share, the Dukes have a whole lot of guys with swords who don’t really care about that junk.

Rather, the party determined that they would simply buy whatever Polyester headed for Redstone Lords territory that they could, and steal the rest. To facilitate this, Don Harper got in contact with cult people, and made arrangements for them to gather some money, on the basis that a people’s revolt in Redstone Lords territory would lead to a rise in Akiovashan sentiment there. Some good social checks resulted in 2,100cc being collected.

The players then decided they should purchase some new outfits. And, since they were in Comet Caller territory (where there are some really wild clothing stores), they bought themselves some really wild outfits.

On their way, they bumped into a panhandler trying to unload “something shiny” for 100cc. The party asked to see it, and recognized it as some kind of weapon. Probably an electricty-based gun. It was broken, but repairable. Don negotiated the guy down to 90cc, and introduced the party as Blerkinman & Sons, a firm which buys shiny things at wholesale prices. He gave the dude an N-Gage, and told him to give the party a call if he found anything else.

Fruther along, in Dukes of the Dome territory, the party came across a dude who had his shirt off, and was just about to chop off some extraneous fingers growing out of his chest. Don & Albert restrained him, and tried to sell him on the idea of the Mutant Hospital, but the dude was having none of it. He had a whole life in Dukes territory. He had a woman who loved him. He wasn’t willing to give that up, just for the pleasure of not needing to cut off his extra fingers every few weeks.

The party tried to restrain him, but he escaped, and they chose not to give chase.

Just as they had almost reached the textiles factory, the party came across a game of HoopHang, played between the Reds and the Greens. The game is played on a basketball court, with 3 members of each team hanging from the hoops, while two members of the opposing team use long sticks to try knock people off. The party decided to stay and watch for a bit, and Don put a bet of 100cc on the Red team. The Reds won the match, and Don earned a little extra coin.

The session ended In Media Res

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