Session 51 – Oh Good, Child Murder Averted

Dramatis Personae
+Frotz Self as Varoujs
+Linlin Kins as Umquat
+Ronnie Whelan as Ronnina
+Adventures of the Mind as Don Harper of Mars


None this session.

NPC Interactions

Sheniqua – Loyalty remains 10.
Lugud – Loyalty remains 8.
Norno – Loyalty remains 9.
Faylana – Is starting to really get a sense of how capable she is. Loyalty improved to 9.
Albert the Great – Loyalty remains 11.
Robot Monster – Loyalty remains 8.

The Tortured Kobold – Dragged along by the party. Still hates them.
The Bluescale Clan – Wonders what The Tortured Kobold did to earn Team Gopher’s wrath. Fears the party.
The Spidermen – Suffered a massive loss at the hands of the party. And, even after they surrendered and retreated, the rest of their forces were murdered via smoke. The surviving Spidermen will not forget: when dealing with The Breakfast Club, no quarter should be asked, nor any given.
The Spokesspider – Hates the party, but recognizes their terrible effectiveness. Will be more cautious in future.

Highlights Recap
The session started with a goodly amount of time devoted to everyone getting acclimatized to RealTimeBoard, and finding clever icons for their hirelings.

Using the blood of the Kobold they killed, the party marked themselves with the sign of Team Gopher, which they had extracted from their victims. They also decided to keep the tortured Kobold with them for awhile, so he could not reveal to his fellows that the party were not actually Team Gopher. Ronnina and Sheniqua also determined to leave their Zombies behind in the entry corridor, since undead are difficult to control around former friends and companions.

They moved forward, brazenly marching their way through the territory of the Bluescale Kobolds, who cowered in fear at their approach. They passed through a well room with some children who had been playing before they approached. Umquat took pleasure in pushing them all down, curious to see if any would stand up to her. None did. Which was a good thing, because the party was totally planning to kill them if they did.

They continued, inspecting the egg chamber, the guard room, and eventually wandering in to a large room where the floor was covered in slits, 2′ long and a 1/4″ wide. As they entered this room, one of the guards ran in after them, shouting up ahead: “Don’t do it! Don’t turn it on! It’s Gopher! It’s Gopher!”

Curious what they had almost walked into, the party continued, and found a group of Kobolds on guard, looking into the room full of slits, with their hands on a large lever. Don Harper ordered that the room be cleared, then pulled the lever for himself. As soon as it was activated, circular saw blades leapt out of the slits, buzzing with lethal force.

Mildly impressed with the Kobold’s ingenuity, the party left the trap on to discourage any pursuit.

In the next room, they encountered the Kobold’s queen, reclining on a couch and heavy with child, surrounded by attendants. When she saw the player’s markings, she respectfully asked what she could help them with. They said they were here to meet with Team Gopher, and the queen offered them the services of a guide to lead them to the end of Bluescale Tribe territory. The players agreed, and were led back through the sawblade room, down a long hallway, to a set of stairs leading down. The party asked why the guide was not going any further, and he told them that beyond the stairs was Spiderman territory, where Kobolds were not welcome.

The party shrugged and moved onward.

At the bottom of the stairs they met three shirtless men wearing blue jeans, who spoke with a southern drawl. They were unimpressed by the party’s blustering posture, assuring them that they were not so timid as the Kobolds. It quickly became obvious that Team Gopher had used a different sigil to communicate their presence to the Spidermen.

The party leapt into an attempted surprise attack, which was only moderately successful. A spider-sense prevented any of the men from taking sneak attack damage. None the less, the party’s superior numbers and quick actions enabled them to take down two of the three before they had a proper chance to respond.

The third jumped up to the ceiling, and ached his back, spraying a large area with a sticky white webbing. As those trapped sturggled to get free, the survivor ran to alert his fellows, and 28 other spidermen charged out to join the fray.

The battle was long, consuming much of the game session. In the end, Ronnina was able to crush their will to resist via judicious application of Fire Portal. The spidermen surrendered, cursing the players, but unwilling to fight any longer. Don Harper barked at them to get out of the way, and all the remaining combatants fled to a single room.

The party then gathered some kindling, and set a fire outside the door, filling the room with smoke, and killing everyone who remained.

The session ended In Media Res

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