Session 5 – Vertical Getaway Drivers

Dramatis Personae:


  • 8000 Cred Chips (2500 for Virgil and Ronnina, 2000 for Galens Brook, and 1000 for Umquat)
  • Virgil purchased a working phone charger, a game cartridge for a came called “Call of the Bubbles,” and a write protected floppy disk.
  • Virgil also managed to harvest 60′ of Razorsteel Spidersilk


Ongoing Goals:

  • The Hangman needs a RAM chip for the Nav Card. You’ve got a picture on your phone, and she’ll gladly pay a bonus if you can get her one.


  • Carousing has been added to the game. Provisionally we are using the carousing table from Jeff’s Game Blog, but once I have access to a copy of it we may switch to the table from Tales of the Grotesque and Dungeonesque.
  • Galens Brook’s Gaseous Form does allow the transport of items and equipment, but not persons. It cannot be used to form any specific shapes, but it can spread out or contract, as well as settle against surfaces. While in smoke form Galens can partially obscure someone’s vision, but cannot block it. If desired, Galens may re-materialize within the lungs of a victim. Both Galens and the victim will take turns being dealt 1d8 damage until one or the other of them dies.
  • Characters can spend money on Training for skills, weapon expertise, gaining a talent, or learning a new magic word. The details of this practice are based on the Necrocarserous rules. Full details aren’t yet available for the players to see for themselves, but I’ll be happy to respond to any money spending queries you guys have during the weekly session.


  • “Shakey Spiders” are apparently a small vibrating spider that is very dangerous in some way.
  • Outsiders love the letter “J,” and many of their names begin with it.
  • The party have dubbed themselves “The 404.”

NPC Relationships

  • The Hangman: The party successfully completed a job, and as a sort of unofficial party spokesperson, Virgil seems to be getting along well with the Hangman. A bond roll of 12 increases the party’s bond with The Hangman to 3.
  • Jerry, Jeff, Jim, and Jackie: A group of Outsider Enforcers the party bumped into in a dark alley. The party preempted an encounter with gifts. A jewelry box, a necklace with some plush toys, a pair of nice gloves, and a pair of earrings respectively. The party further revealed to Jerry and Jackie that their feelings for one another was mutual. Those two started making out, and the party slipped away with some cryptic remarks about somebody’s daughter having rebellious teenage years in their future.
  • The Zucchini Vendor: A nutty Outsider, Russian-accented fucker who doesn’t like technology, and aggressively sells his “Giga Zucchinis,” which he claims to be the source of all manner of healthy benefits. Including, but not limited to, a larger and more pleasing penis. Doesn’t like Crazy Joe.
  • Crazy Joe: An outsider with a canadian accent who sells busted up technology. Mostly to members of the Techno Faith. Has large mutated eyes, and keeps his wares in a bucket.
  • Server Side: A square jawed woman who wields a Glock .45. Long time agent of The Internet. She doesn’t have much time for scrubs like the party, but she did appreciate the bracelet given to her by Galens Brook.
  • Telcommo: A tubby dude. Long time agent of The Internet. Enjoys a good sandwich, like the one given him by Galens Brook.
  • ASCII: A 9 y/o girl who somehow works for The Internet as an elite agent. Wields a revolver. Acts like she hates the Teddy Bear given to her by Galens Brook, but only to maintain her tough image with the rest of the group. She loves it.
  • Tandy: A willowy old woman, dressed simply. Appreciated the medical supplies given her by Galens Brook.
  • Dot Matrix: A greasy haired dude. Didn’t really appreciate the shampoo he was gifted very much, but he sure did like the Jet that Virgil gave him.

Highlights Recap:

February 2516 C.E.

During the month since the previous session, Virgil used his newfound wealth and sense of self importance to make kind of an ass of himself throwing a huge party. He earned himself a wicked hangover, and a few days in the pokey, which of course, was nothing new for him. Practically a second home for a jet addicted troublemaker.

The group got a call from the Hangman at 3am (which gave Virgil an excuse to get out of jail early, since the guard thought his vibrating phone was a Shakey Spider). The job was simple: assist another team’s evac. At 12:00 noon on the dot, another team of Internet operatives would arrive on the roof of the Maybelene building, deep in Outsider territory. It would be the Party’s job to make sure they had a path to get from the roof of the building, to the street below within 60 seconds.

As an aside, The Hangman also mentioned that there was a Ram module burned out on the Nav Chip, and that if the party could find one, she’d appreciate it. Virgil, having studied tech, made some sassy comment which earned an “lololololololololol” from the Hangman.

On the way, the party encountered the razorsteel web of a Moltospider, which was quickly dispatched when it appeared in an attempt to consume the party. The whole thing was pretty inconsequential, save that Virgil managed to harvest about 60′ of the Razorsteel Spidersilk.

A few hours later the party was again accosted, this time by a group of Outsider Enforcers who seemed set upon harassing the party. Some quick thinking generosity from the giftgiver disarmed them sufficiently for the party to slip away.

At the Maybelene building, the party briefly cased the joint, using Galens’ gaseous form to quickly determine the layout, and what challenges they would face. Then, after spending some time at the Bazaar on the ground floor (where several Giga Zucchini were purchased, along with some assorted tech parts), the party got to planning.

After long discussion, a plan was settled on.

Virgil confirmed that the building’s elevator had coils to prevent serious injury to the passengers in the event of a falling elevator. He then purchased several mattresses, and waited by the elevator to transport them upstairs, where he ostensibly had an apartment.

When the time came Virgil lay the mattresses on floor of the elevator, and climbed on up through the hatch to ride on top. Here he hit a slight hitch when he discovered an old hobo living on top of the elevator, but a hit of jet shut him up right quick. And, fortunately, nobody entered the elevator as it travelled up.

Once the elevator was on the top floor, with 10 minutes to noon, Virgil sent a text to Galens, who was waiting in the elevator control room. Galens smashed everything he could see to pieces, locking the elevator in place and preventing it from being called elsewhere. Before he could be cornered, he used Gaseous Form to travel to a mid-level floor, where he raved like a madman. He hit civilians and guards, hoping to cause enough of a distraction to stop anybody from paying too much attention to the elevator.

At noon on the dot, the other Internet agents landed on the roof. As they’d been told to do they made a break for the stairs down to the top floor, then to the elevator. They had to dodge through some skirmishes to get there, but the job got done. Once they were all in the elevator, Virgil cut the cables and let the thing freefall to the ground. (He, meanwhile, remained above, holding to an outcropping on the wall).

The falling elevator alerted everyone in the building that something serious was going on. Galens, his job done, turned into smoke and fled the scene. Virgil, his job similarly complete, began to repel down through the elevator shaft.

On the ground floor, Ronnina convinced the pressing crowd that the falling elevator must be a terrible accident, and that they had to “help” the “victims.” Something the crowd was only too happy to do, everyone pressing forward to try and be the hero who pulled someone from the wreckage of the elevator. The Internet agents were none too pleased with their jarring descent, but both teams were out on the streets a mere 58 seconds after the roof landing.

Both groups then retreated to a safehouse owned by the more senior team. The two teams didn’t mingle much, but they did get to know each other a bit. Galens’ gift giving, as always, was a great help.

During this week, Galens spent some time in Gaseous form looking for a ram module for the ram chip. He had no luck, but he did spend some time looking through the massive amount of destruction in the building next to the Maybelene building. The one where the senior team was operating. It was burned out and evacuated, filled with 7′ tall Outsiders in full battle gear. Some eavesdropping revealed that the Outsiders had no idea who hit them or why, but that the Outsider leaders themselves were taking a personal interest in the case of why anybody would go to so much trouble to steal the Staff of Office from a building chief.

So ended February 2516 C.E.


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