Session 42 – Anti Magic Field. What Now, Bitch?

Dramatis Personae
+Frotz Self as Varouj
+Ronnie Whelan as Ronnina
+Linlin Kins as Umquat


Ronnina’s Last Words
Ronnina visited a fortune teller to find out what her last words would be. They are: “It wasn’t my fault. Umquat got what she deserved.”

NPC Interactions
Frotz’ Army: 14 young Fighting Mongoose have arrived to see if there’s anything worthy of their time. Frotz has not yet spent much time with them, but he has introduced them to Robot Monster, and spent a few hours making arrangements for their martial training.

Robot Monster: Appreciates the responsibility that he has been trusted with, looking after the new recruits. Loyalty improves (Loyalty 7)

Sheniqua: Was present for the battle with Korlom, and got a few good hits in, but otherwise didn’t do much. She’s wondering if she’d make a better fighter than magician. (No loyalty improvement)

Lugud: Was impressed by how the party handled Korlom. Loyalty improved to 3.

Norno: Umquat’s newly hired Fighting Mongoose henchfighter. (level 3 fighter) He’s not sure what to think of these rowdy children quite yet, but they paid him a lot of money, so he’ll follow along for as long as need be. (Loyalty 4)

Faylana: A legless 12 year old who has known nothing but suffering in her life up to now. Is overwhelmed by the generosity of the party. They both freed her from slavery, and gave her these miraculous robot legs. (Movement 90′ (30′)) (Loyalty 7)

Mertyl: An obese slave. The victim of a master with a feeder fetish who forced her to do little else with her life other than eat. Is happy to be freed, and that Umquat has taken an interest in getting her healthy. Though, at 600lb, she’s going to have a difficult time of it, and she’s pretty constantly depressed. (loyalty 3)

Ostobo: An obsequious slave. Seems to enjoy his servitude, particularly any humiliating or painful aspects of it. Is not terribly happy to have been freed by Umquat. (loyalty 1)

Torfok: A minor slave trader who operates in the southern part of the Redstone Lord territory. Mostly sells second rate slaves that other traders ignore, so he can pick them up on the cheap.

Korlom the Wizard Priest: Came into the session feeling like the party was on his side, but very quickly became enraged when he felt they had turned against him. He was then attacked, and retaliated against the attack in kind. When he felt himself to be in danger, he retreated to his home.

Dapper Aligator: Did his job for the party, and reported on it. Was satisfied with his pay.

Asperlode the Gazeteerian: Still has never been encountered by the party, but the robot from previous sessions apparently went straight to his compound when it was retrieved, and he apparently beat up the dude who operated it.

Mysterious Wizard: Retrieved the robot, got beat up. Dapper didn’t know his name.

Firefox: An internet agent, and apparently a high level magic user. Has only been contacted via IM so far.

Highlights Recap:

February 2517 begins:
As the session began, Korlom the Wizard Priest arrived as per Umquat’s invitation to him during the previous session. Almost immediately, he was put off my Umquat’s less accommodating attitude. She was not properly deferential to his wisdom, and did not even want to force her slaves to build a fire pit for burning heretics! After enduring quite enough sass from Umquat, Korlom stormed off to preach to the people of Trumpquatia, to rally them into the religious fervor that Umquat lacked. They listened coolly to his sermon, then returned to their work.

Enraged, Korlom began to storm out of Trumpquatia. He refused the muffins Umquat offered him, and declared that if this place would not welcome the truth of the Black, then he would return some day to impose the truth of the Black! At this point Ronnina, overlooking the proceedings from the balcony of her tower, cast Animate Blood on Korlom.

Pushed over the edge, Korlom called upon the divine powers given to him by the Black. The soot of his skin expanded into a cloudy, 6 story version of himself, while he stood at the center controlling it like a man inside of a mech. Barrages of arrows and spells were sent flying at him, but he stayed focused on Ronnina. He climbed onto her balcony, pulling the soot back up against his skin, and summoning an Anti-Magic Zone. With the rest of the party stuck running up the tower stairs, the it was just Korlom, vs. Ronnina, Sheniqua, and the Blood Ooze which Korlom finally managed to vomit up.

The two sides jabbed and dodged for two rounds, but neither could gain a clear advantage. When the reset of the party arrived at the top of the stairs, Korlom determined he must take his leave. He cast a spell which caused the soot of his body to arc across the sky, stretching back to his home. The party managed to get a single round of attacks in against Korlom before he escaped, but it wasn’t enough. He escaped with, literally, 1hp.

The party determined to go after him, to prevent any further attacks. However, they would need to determine where he went first. Ronnina contacted the Internet to see if she could get in contact with a Magic User who might be able to use Korlom’s blood to track him. She was directed to an Internet agent named Firefox who offered to cast the spell for 35,000 credits. Ronnina balked somewhat at the price, but paid it to get the job done, and sent the Blood Ooze to go meet Firefox at the location she had requested.

This gave the rest of the party a few hours to prepare themselves for the coming fight. Since the death of Curly Locks, Umquat has lacked any hirelings to work with, and so went out to find the local slave market. There she very angrily purchased the slaver’s entire stock: a legless girl named Faylana; an obese woman named Mertyl, and an the obsequious Ostobo. She managed to acquire all three fairly cheaply, thanks to the threatening glares she spread liberally through the crowd, and the quiet bribes Varouj offered other bidders without her knowledge.

Happy to have rescued these three wayward souls, but finding no useful hirelings among them, Umquat purchased a cart and a pair of Froggy Horses to haul Mertyl and Faylana back to Trumpquatia. On the way, she stopped at a local mongrel bar and met a man named Norno. Gruff, middle aged, with a thick mustache, and black hair tinted every so slightly green. The two exchanged a conversation consisting almost entirely of subtle nods. Umquat handed Norno his first monthly payment of 5,000 credits, and the party went on their way.

When they returned to the walls of Trumpquatia, Dapper Alligator was waiting for them there. He reported on what he had seen: A wizard showed up with some skeletons. He seemed agitated and scared by the missing powdered glass. He had his skeletons load the cargo onto the robot, then climbed into the robot and got it moving. The robot went to the citadel of Asperlode the Gazeteerian, where it dropped off its cargo. The unknown robot riding wizard went inside, and emerged several hours later with a bunch of bruises. He then climbed back into the robot and rode off, which is when Dapper Alligator decided he’d made his money, and came here to report what he found.

Umquat thanked him and sent him on his way. The party still had a job to do. She contacted the Internet to commission a pair of robot legs for Faylana, and assigned Ostobo the task of being Trumpquatia’s general purpose butler, and also being Mertyl’s personal trainer to help her get back into shape. That’d keep him busy enough to prevent him from doing anything stupid or creepy, she figured.

By this time, Firefox got back to the party with their findings: Korlom the Wizard Priest was held up in a place called the Palace of Befoulments, in Rulers Beneath the Black territory. After equipping themselves with potions, the party set out through the sewers.

Without the cart, the party was able to move fairly quickly, and their journey was uneventful. They discovered some Rotocula tracks–though notably there were only 3 of the rolling orbs, rather than the 8 or so that had been on the Rotocula they faced earlier. They chose to ignore these. Further along they met a vagrant, who apparently lived in the sewers. They offered him food and lodging in Trumpquatia in exchange for his help colonizing the sewers at some later time. He agreed, and the party chose to take him along with them.

The party arrived beneath The Palace of Befoulments, and here the session ended In Media Res

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