Session 40 – Mongrel Was a Pushover

Dramatis Personae

+Linlin Kins as Umquat
+Moreven Brushwood as The Gobbos
+Frotz Self as Varouj
+Adventures of the Mind as Don Harper of Mars
+Ronnie Whelan as Ronnina

Umquat found a copy of Musclegirl Magazine, with pictures of tons of buff ladies lifting weights and boxing and stuff.

Umquat also took the Apprentice’s pointy hat.

Umquat received a map, & information required for entry into the offices of Cult Quarterly.

Don Harper of Mars received a wish spell, to be used at his convenience.

The party also recovered 8 carts worth of equipment from Mongrel’s home:
1. One Ape-Man Vat, various magical oddments (600cc for Magic Lab)
2. One Ape-Man Vat, The three Buglenachts (400cc for Magic Lab), various magical oddments (600cc for Magic Lab)
3. One Ape-Man Vat,  Various magical oddments (400cc for Magic Lab)
4. One Ape-Man Vat, Various magical oddments (800cc for Magic Lab)
5. One Ape-Man Vat, Books on Magic (8), Books on History (8)
6. One Ape-Man Vat, Books on 20th Century Pop Culture (6), Books on Demonology (4) Collection of pulp fiction novels & a full set of fruits basket.
7. The teleportation device, and associated documentation.
8. 100 spears, 70 shields, 20 suits of chain armor, 10 pairs of iron manacles, 70 short swords, 15 bullwhips, 30 crossbows, 3000 crossbow bolts, 50,000 credits.

Assuming the party gets back to town safely, and they do not sell anything, that 50,000 credits comes out to 12,500 XP/CC each

NPC Interactions
Robot Monster (Enjoyed killing Mongrel. Loyalty +1 to 6)
Sheniqua (Loyalty unchanged, remains at 8)
Albert (Really feels like part of the team. Loyalty +1 to 8)
Lugued joined the party for 500 credits per month. (Bond 1)
The Bondage Faeries: Properly titled Buglenachts. Captured by Ronnina. Totally enjoy it.
2 Ape Men – Happy to be free of Mongrel. Looking forward to their new life in the Breakfast Club Citadel.
115 slaves. (Not including Lugud) Happy to be rescued.
62 Ape Men – Feelings towards the party unclear. They seemed trepidatious in the face of Mongrel’s defeat, and decided to go off on their own.

Mongrel the Magician and The Applicant both died.

The party learned of “wizadXXslaya” and “Asperlode the Gazetteerian.” both presumably wizards. Little is known about them except their names, and the fact that they have some connection to the 5 story Golem.

Highlights Recap
The players made short work of Mongrel the Magician. Embarassingly short. The referee has made a note that the party has outgrown mid level magic users, even ones with time in advance to prepare. In addition, the party slew Mongrel’s apprentice (the applicant they met during the previous session), as well as one of Mongrel’s ape men guards. The whole thing was over within a single round, and the party moved on to looting what was left of the tower.

Also the Christmas Beast appeared to present Umquat and Don Harper of Mars with their gifts.

They began sorting through Mongrel’s lab, discovering a wide variety of oddments, including a trio of 1′ tall, luminescent humanoids who flew around on wings, with one of their legs tied to a weight on a table. Don Harper of Mars attempted to interview these, but discovered little of interest. They are, apparently, the only 3 of their kind. They are called Buglenacht. And, despite their many protestations to the contrary, it’s quite obvious that they have some kind of bondage fetish.  Ronnina captured them in jars with holes poked in the lids, which they seemed to enjoy quite a bit.

After glancing through the lab, the party moved on to the adjacent rooms. In the library they found books covering Magic, History, 20th Century Pop Culture, Demonology, and a number of fictional works. Mostly pulp fiction and Fruits Basket manga.

In the next room the players found six large vats, large enough to stand in and still have the top of your head submerged. These were overflowing with a green mist. At the far side of the room, three rows of naked humans hung upside down. Their throats were cut, and the blood flowed out into the six vats via a number of channels.

In a third room, the party found 116 human slaves chained to walls and posts. They announced that they were here to free the slaves in the name of Akiovasha, hoping to garner some new followers for their growing cult. The slaves cheered, but it was obvious that they were just doing it to avoid offending their rescuers. They weren’t particularly interested in religion.

Among these freed human slaves, Ronnina met Lugud; a scrawny, but muscled man with a green mohawk. Lugud seemed obviously unenthused about the whole Akiovasha thing (and at one point even mistook Umquat for the Serpent Queen herself), but agreed to come along with Ronnina if it meant getting out of here. The offer of 500 credits a month certainly didn’t hurt either.

In the final room, the party found a device which they correctly deduced to be a teleporter. It included a large platform, with two massive crystals mounted on arms, pointing at the center of the platform. A thick cable connected the platform to a wall-sized computer, which allowed the party to access a laggy, green wireframe map of the Dome. Some investigation into Mongrel’s papers confirmed that, indeed this is a teleporter. Further it noted that the thing doesn’t seem to properly work, as those who go through always come out pretty ugly on the other side. Using his technical expertise, Don Harper picked through the thing, and discovered that the technology was mostly being used to identify locations, and to provide activation. Most of the heavy lifting of the teleportation was being accomplished via magic. He attempted to disassemble the thing for transport, but accidentally damaged the equipment in the attempt. He may attempt to repair it once he gains 1 point in the Tech skill (currently has 4-in-6)

The party announced the death of Mongrel to the Ape Men, most of whom were happy to go out and try to make a new life for themselves, though two took the party up on their offer to come live in The Breakfast Club Compound. Ronnina then spent 10,000 credits to hire a number of carts, porters, and caravan guards. Over the course of a few days they stripped the Lightning Bolt Tower of its treasures, which fit into eight carts. Once everything was packed, they set off, needing to make 8 encounter checks to reach home.

On the way they ran into an old church with ISKRAEM painted on the side. Upon entering, they saw a tattooed man standing up on the altar with a bunch of icecream coolers around him. He shouted down to ask if the party wanted Icecream, and Ronnina paid to get ice cream for everyone. Including the caravan folk.

A few hours later, the party saw a 5 story robotwalking across their path. They stopped to allow the robot to pass, but unfortunately, a random die roll determined that the robot would turn to walk down the road they were walking on. A saving throw was allowed to have the party move out of the way, but they were not fast enough. One of the carts, and everything within it, was destroyed. One of the vats, and 25% of Mongrel’s oddments, were all lost. With frustration, the party continued on their way.

The robot must have forgotten something though, because a few hours later it was coming up behind them, back the way it had come. Reacting more quickly this time, the party got their carts out of the way, and Ronnina cast “Cling to Stone” on Don Harper of Mars, who quickly ran up a large building on the robot’s path. As it passed, he leaped onto it shoulder with a successful athletics check, then unlocked the door in the side of its head. Within the found a spectral brain floating in the center of the head, with tendrils reaching out in many directions. Several of those tendrils penetrated within an Apple ][ computer, oriented to face the entrance.

Don Harper pecked away at it for a moment, but the software (designed by one wizadXXslaya) was bizarre, and didn’t follow any of the normal conventions he would expect. He decided to spend more time working at it, and communicated via cellphone with the party below to follow the robot for a bit, which they did.

It took a bit of time, but Don did managed to access the Golem’s controls. He discovered that it was currently tasked with deliverying a payload to “Asperlode the Gazetteerian,” and that the payload consisted of “32 units of Redrock, 6 units of Powdered Glass, and 72 units of Human Internals.”

Don managed to tell the machine to drop its payload, which it did, by squatting and dropping several freight elevators from its lower torso, containing crates and barrels.

The session ended In Media Res, with 5 encounter checks to go before the party reaches home.

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