Session 34 – Just because a pool table fits in a room, doesn’t mean you can play pool there

Dramatis Personae
+Linlin Kins as Umquat
+Ronnie Whelan as Ronnina
+Frotz Self as Varouj

Curly Locks

2 Howler Tongues
A twist of rebar, forming a kind of quarterstaff.
A sword foged from car doors.

NPC Interactions
The 3 Brain Slaves: Sarah, Burdle, and Yom. They don’t seem like geniuses, but they’re ecstatic to have found a possible way out for themselves, and are eager to help the party if they can.

Recap Highlights

In the middle of the tense situation we ended at last week, Don Harper of Mars & Albert the Great both got hit by a bout of fade; just at the same time that Varouj woke up in the cart next to the Spandau. This is why you don’t end sessions in the middle of action set-pieces.

So Ronnina sent Sheniqua running to get his gas spraying device, and stepped out from hiding to order his dogs to sic’ the two Howlers chasing Umquat. The Howlers were no dummies, though, and figured that if they were gonna take out anybody first, they should take out the magician who controlled the pack of evil dogs.

The battle was intense, and the Howlers injured Ronnina terribly, but she managed to survive long enough to kill the two assholes before they did any permanent damage. Sheniqua and Varouj showed up late to the show, and Sheniqua put down a big pool of gasoline in the hall which has not yet been put to any use.

The party then set about exploring the Hall of Science. First, they dragged the bodies into the nearest room, which turned out to be filled with computers. Almost literally filled–with a good 85% of the floor space being taken up, from the floor to nearly the ceiling. Another room contained printers and copiers, while 4 more held objects which were obviously of even greater technological value. Complex looking devices with needles and spinny bits; large glass coffins & liquid tubing; plants growing from overcomplicated pots; and a ton of small machines mixed among stuff that looked like miniature robot parts.

None of this made much sense to the party, and certainly it was too much to haul out effectively, but when she was texted a picture the Hangman seemed obviously interested, and assured the party she would double their fee to 20,000 credits if they could secure the building with all of those objects inside.

The party also, briefly, peeked into the downstairs area of the building. There they found a large manufacturing floor, filled with conveyor belts and equipment that appeared to be in surprisingly decent condition. The floor was large and dark, however, and the party detected a faint whiff of cheese powder in the air, and noticed a large plaster statue of a cartoon cheetah nearby.

The two remaining rooms on the ground level were both break rooms. One with a fairly low class of amenities, and another with much nicer stuff–including a pool table, of all things. (Though the room was hardly sized for it).

In a downright comical scene, the party decided to move the pool table through the hall, and wedge it in the main doorway. They then placed another pool of gasoline around the base of it just in case.

‘Round about this time is when a few folks wandered up to the Hall of Science. A trio of the brain slaves, all sent here to deliver various messages. The party gestured that they should move around to the side of the building that the party had ‘opened,’ and managed to get a dialogue going. Fortunately, the brain slaves didn’t seem terribly upset by the thought that there was some disruption to the Howlers going on, but they were careful to mask their apathy behind a facade of ignorance to the fact that anything was wrong. “Oh of COURSE the masters asked you to visit their facility and then left you alone…” sort of thing. As it became clear that the PCs had the situation more or less under control, and that they might be willing to help shrinkify the brain slaves brains, the three became eager helpers of the party–though they can’t just hang around forever if the party can’t figure out how to free them.

Here the session ended In Media Res

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