Session 28 – Inexplicably Wagon-Sized Sewer Access

Dramatis Personae

+Moreven Brushwood as Rita, Chuffy, Mogmurch, and Poog
+Linlin Kins as Umquat
+Adventures of the Mind as Don Harper of Mars
+Frotz Self as Varouj
+Ronnie Whelan as Ronnina


Albert the Great
Curly Locks

8 Doses of Space LSD
2 Mi Go Corpses
1 Mi Go Head

NPC Interactions

Chiriyo – Don Harper spent some time with Chiriyo, and introduced her to the “Goblins,” who are also mutated children. Chiriyo’s bond improved. (Bond 4)

Sally Mae – 4th street dealer. Had a mostly amenable first encounter with the party, with the exception of Umquat who she did not get along with. Varouj posited the possibility of creating some new product for her, and she seemed open to the idea.

3 Outsiders – Had a friendly chat. Didn’t catch their names or really learn much about them, but they agreed to meet you for a drink later. (Bond 2)

Otto Blueman – The party delivered the news of his sister’s death. He’s bummed about it. (Bond 2)

The Uzi
It was during this session that we determined how the Uzi works in practice.

After the player makes their attack roll, they choose how many d6s they want to roll for damage. They can choose as many as 6, or a minimum of 1.

After damage is rolled, roll 1d6. If you roll equal to or lower than the number of d6s you rolled for damage, then you’ve used up one encumbering item’s worth of ammunition. The gun is empty, unless you brought extra ammo.

Regarding your various plans to prevent the Internet facility from being discovered, I figured I’d let you know how I’m running it. Basically, once the time comes when they would discover the facility, I’m rolling a d6 to determine if your efforts have dissuaded them from pressing forward with their plan.

Creating a distracting cult has a 1-in-6 chance of preventing it. (Success)
Causing the Outsiders to preemptively strike has a 3-in-6 chance of preventing it. (Ongoing)
Destroying the ritual materials has a 2-in-6 chance of dissuading them (Ongoing)

Any successes would be considered cumulatively when the roll is made.

Highlights Recap

The party began the session by making plans to visit with the Outsider leadership, and convince them to attack the Rulers Beneath the Black preemptively.

With their access to the mutant hospital, the party filled several large containers of blood, which they then placed on their cart for transport. Don Harper also took this opportunity to introduce Chiriyo and the four Goblin Children. They hit it off well, and Chiriyo’s bond improved.

The party set out for 4th street, where they met Ol’ Sally Mae, noted dealer of Space LSD, and other fine intoxicants. She’s an old woman, a mound of wrinkled flesh that looks more like jabba the hutt than anything else. She spoke with an aggressive tone, asking why they came to see her, and claiming the street was hers because she’d killed everyone else who used to live here with her glock.

Once it was established that the player characters were not cops, Sally Mae agreed to sell them some drugs. She suggested some fine Butt Cocaine at 40 credits a dose, which the party declined. What they really wanted, Don Harper said, was some Space LSD. Sally Mae complimented them on their fine taste, coming to her. After all, when it comes to Space LSD, she’s the only one selling the real shit. But she also warned the players away from the drug, saying it was too serious for a bunch of kids like them. The party persisted.

They haggled her price down to 180 per dose, and Sally Mae agreed. She sold 4 doses to Don Harper of Mars, and 4 doses to Varouj.

During this whole exchange, Umquat was becoming increasingly frustrated with Sally Mae’s tough attitude, and had to be restrained from starting shit by sending the Goblin Children over to pester her. Surprisingly, this all worked out pretty well, and the more reasonably PCs were able to complete their business and get things moving before something was said that couldn’t be taken back.

The party entered Outsider territory, and before long came across a group of 3 massive Outsiders, wearing their kilts, carrying their Zweihanders, and on their way to somewhere in particular. They gave the tiny visitors to their territory a friendly greeting, and the party chatted with them for awhile about a variety of topics. They mentioned that the Rulers Beneath the Black were up to no good (which the Outsiders were not surprised by). They asked where the three were going (they declined to answer that). They asked where one had gotten their attractive glass necklace because Rita insisted on having one (it’s a token worn by many Boar people in the sewers. They also asked if the three Outsiders would like to meet up for drinks later, which they agreed to do.

Hoping to meet some Boar People, the party opted to make the rest of their journey through the sewers, and they did indeed encounter something! But rather than Boar People, they stumbled onto a pair of Mi-Go pulling a third through a rift in the fabric of space.

Without hesitation the party leaped onto the attack, and got embroiled in an intense battle in which Curly Locks and Poog both nearly died. Though, in the latter case, it’s because Sheniqua accidentally shot him in the back, not because of anything the Mi Go did.

The party was fortunate enough to get the element of surprise, and they did emerge triumphant. Even going so far as to pull the third Mi Go further out of the rift so they could lop off its head. They also made sure to get a video of the rift on their phones, and send that shit to the Hangman. Because WTF?

After this they finally reached the little Sandwich shop where Otto Blueman worked as a server. They took care to be gentle when breaking the news of Leslinika’s death, which completely devastated Otto. The party attempted to offer some consolation, and Mogmurch even offered him the use of his Gameboy. Otto was grateful, but inconsolable.

He announced he was going to leave, and Don Harper told him to take all the time that he needed. But he also let Otto know that the party intended to seek justice for Leslinika, and others like her; and that Otto would be an important part in making that justice happen. Otto provisionally agreed to help when the party called upon him.

The session ended In Media Res

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