Session 25 – The Bloodsoaked Warriors of Mars

Unfortunately, life has prevented me from putting together this recap in a timely fashion. As such, my memory of events is fuzzier than it usually is, even given the full page of notes I made during this adventure. I apologize for any inaccuracy as I try to fill in the gaps, please let me know if you remember something that I put down incorrectly.

Dramatis Personae
+Linlin Kins as Umquat
+Frotz Self as Varouj
+Ronnie Whelan as Ronnina
+Adventures of the Mind as Don Harper of Mars

32 Dry, Desiccated, Handsy Gator Hands
A vial of blood from the invisible creatures faced near the Friends of Needletooth Jack.
20,000 Credits
114 unidentified potions
2 Tinctures of Resanguination. Heals 1d8 + 2
A non-functioning Uzi.
A heavy stone throne, every inch of which is covered in engraved writing that no one present understands.
A book, “The Incalculable Machinations of Neve Canri”
The mostly comatose body of a young woman.

Assuming nothing is being sold, that’s a total of 20,000 credits. Which comes out to 4000 xp/credits each, including +Gus L‘s contributions from last session.

NPC Interactions
Frederick – Met this young artistic photographer. Had a photo taken with him. Was invited to visit his bulliten board.

Anonymous – Left a note offering work to a couple young noodle eaters from the Lords of Light territory.

Young Priest – The party convinced a young Priest Beneath the Black to question his faith. He is considering whether or not to meet with the party at their stronghold.

Haven Turn
Ronnina spends her Haven turn creating [UNDESCRIBED SPELL]

Lindsey spends this haven turn training Healing (What is her current healing?)

Varouj begins training Alchemy up to Talented. (Month 1 of 2)

Don Harper spends his haven turn repairing the Uzi. This will require a successful Tinker check.

Albert spends his haven turn getting leveled up by Don Harper, & hanging out with him.

Highlights Recap

Back at their lodgings, the party prepared for their journey back to Fighting Mongoose territory by purchasing a second cart, as well as two more Space lamas, named Sodom and Gammorah. (Which, altogether, cost only 400 credits). They also reached out to ASCII, who was willing to lend the party her services for 1000 credits, split evenly between the 4 party members present for this adventure.

Once the equipment was gathered, and the party was rested and well fed. they set out for home with their 2 carts heavily laden with booty.

Given that the bulk of this adventure was experienced in the form of encounter checks, I figured I’d recap the night in the same form.

Die 1: While wending through the alleyways of the Comet Caller territory, the party happened upon a scattering of dry, desiccated human hands. Black and crumbling things. Umquat recognized them as the shed skin of a Handsy Gator (Monster 166). The party gathers up all of the hands for possible use later.

Die 2: The party needs to consume some rations.

Die 3: Rations again. (Waived)

Die 4: Rations again. (Waived)

Die 5: As the party walks through the small no-man’s land between the Lords of Light, the Comet Callers, the Lords Beneath the Black, and the Friends of Needletooth Jack, they see a woman running from the North. She seems to be dodging unseen assailants coming at her from all sides, and a spurting stream of blood is flying out of the back of her neck.

The party leaped into action to save the woman, immediately realizing that she was fleeing from the territory of The Friends of Needletooth Jack, and was being pursued by invisible foes.

Curlylocks stepped forward to help push the young woman along her path/shield her from incoming attacks. Varouj, standing in one of the carts with the Spandau, opened up on the invisible folks while Don Harper of Mars drove him around. Umquat threw a handful of powdered chalk out at the supposed location of the invisible folks, revealing two of them. Each was dispatched in turn, and instantly exploded like a balloon made of blood, leaving nothing else behind. This spray revealed a third invisible creature.

Before this final opponent could be neutralized it reached the woman, touched her, and the blood spurting from her neck formed into an iron collar around her neck, with a chain leading off behind her. She was yanked off her feet, flying through the darkness towards the Friends of Needletooth Jack.  The party stopped to collect some of the blood, but moved on. There was nothing more they could do.

Die 6: Just as the party was brushing up against Lords of Light territory, they saw some starving folks scurrying into a corner with some cup noodles. Umquat left them a note, letting them know that a better life was waiting if they wanted to come to Fighting Mongoose territory, and ask for Umquat.

Die 7: Ration

Die 8: A young man with an old Polaroid camera, named Frederick, aproached the party. He described an art project he was working on called “Humans of Mars.” He got a photo of the party, and asked them how they would describe themselves. Umquat stepped forward and said, in her robotic drone, “We are the Bloodsoaked Warriers of Mars.” Frederick scrawled this quote on the bottom of the Polaroid and went on his way. Umquat slid him 50 credits with a wink and said “Make me look pretty.” He invited the party to check out the bulliten board where he posts all of these pictures.

Die 9: The party bumped into Frederick again. They awkwardly smiled at each other, then avoided eye contact.

Die 10: Rations

Die 11: Safe

Die 12: The party smells incense. Strong stuff, makes them a tad lightheaded. They’re deep in Rulers Beneath the Black territory, so they keep their eyes out for any religious nuts.

Die 13: Despite their attempts to avoid him, the party bumps right into a man swinging a very familiar smelling censer. He approached the party shouting loudly about how all were “Sinners beneath the Black,” and that they must turn away from wickedness. Ronnina stepped forward and mentioned that she didn’t have a soul anymore, regularly dealt with demons, and felt great! This seemed to put the priest off balance, having never encountered such a brazen sinner before. Don Harper of Mars chimed in as well, talking up the positive benefits of dealing with Demons.

The befuddled young priest was clearly out of his element, his faith shaken. The party offered to chat with him more if he stopped by the fort. He was noncommittal about whether he would or not.

Die 14: Rations (Waived)

Die 15: Rations

Die 16: The party runs into a bunch of drunks right outside their wall. Mostly women who really aggressively want to “par-tay.” The PCs are tired after their long walk, and just scare the ladies off with some warning shots from the Spandau. Which is nicer than what Umquat had planned for them.

And so ended September 2516 C.E.

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