Session 23 – Eleven Encounter Checks

On A Red World Alone Session 23 – Eleven Encounter Checks

Dramatis Personae
+Adventures of the Mind as Don Harper of Mars
+Linlin Kins as Umquat
+Ronnie Whelan as Ronnina

None as of yet.

NPC Interactions
The party met and kind of adopted a young mutant girl named Chiriyo. Her current reaction is 4, her bond is 2.

Highlights Recap
While reading through Zessler Vox’ papers, the party came across the fact that Vox had a lockbox in the Comet Caller’s bank, Vault XIX. Further, they found the passphrases and other information that would allow them to access it. They set off towards Vault XIX. Unfortunately, it was located very far from their current position, and a direct route would take them through the territory of The Friends of Needletooth Jack, which they chose to avoid. As a result, the whole of the session was consumed by resolving 11 Encounter Checks.

After failing a tinker check to make a cart with Rotocula-style wheels, the party just purchased a normal covered cart and a pair of Space Lamas for 200 credits. Unlike their earth variants, Space Lamas are great at pulling things. The party named them Sir McFluffybottom and Mr Tucker. They mounted their Spandau within the cart, so they could shoot out of it if they wanted.

While passing through Dukes Beneath the Dome territory, a crying child was heard. The party moved to investigate and discovered a small gang of human children surrounding a mutant child. They hurled pebbled and racial slurs at the poor girl, who had a single giant eyeball in her mouth, and 12 mouths spread across her bald head. Don Harper stepped forward and claimed that the party were “Muto Collectors,” and that they would toss this girl into their wagon and get her out of this place. The better for clean honest human folks to live in safety. The humans jeered, the little girl cried, and the party moved on.

In the cart, Don Harper of Mars apologized for his ruse, and promised that the party would take care of her. He managed to get the girl to share her name–Chiriyo–but not much more. The girl’s initial reaction was 3, but Don Harper’s friendly behavior (and Ronnina throwing a rock at those kids when they weren’t looking) improved her reaction to 4.

Umquat, never one to beat around the bush, implanted a mental suggestion that Chiriyo will grow to like the party in the future. It’s unclear how this will affect the young girl, but she failed her save, and the suggestion seems to have stuck.

The party passed a shop called HooDoo Pastries, where they sell maple bars with bacon on them, but they decided not to go in.

As they neared their destination, a bulbous-headed little creature with fishbowl eyes and a head that seemed to be full of water and worms tried to leap down onto Umquat’s back. It missed, and the party engaged in a brief battle, during which Ronnina cast “Animate Blood” for the first time. The creature was killed without too much fuss, apparently unable to handle the party after missing with its initial attack.

Finally, the party arrived at their destination, near Vault XIX. They found an Inn to sleep in where they could recover some hit points and their spells. The session ended In Media Res

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