Session 21 – Mostly Drunken Confessions

 Dramatis Personae
+Adventures of the Mind as Don Harper of Mars, the Specialist
+Linlin Kins as Umquat the Specialist
+Ronnie Whelan as the scrub who didn’t show up.
Naria Nexus as the one who tried to get the scrub to show up.

A gold dragon scale that will soon turn to rot.
3 Female Rotocula Legballs – 600 credits total. Fine eats!
Teeth, Hide, and Meat of a Rotocula – 600 credits total. Useful, but nothing special.

MINUS 300 credits for the services of porters to carry all of the flesh and meat of the creature.

Total: 900 credits, or 450 XP/Credits each

The party also has the musk sack of a female Rotocula. When punctured, this has a chance to attract nearby male Rotocula.

Albert’s shield has been adorned with Rotocula teeth. It deals 1d6 damage. On a 20, it bounces to a second target and automatically hits it for 1d6 damage. Roll 1d20 to determine if the shield bounces again. Repeat.

No rulings made during this session count. That’s a ruling.

NPC Relationships
The party encountered the dragon Desmodicus the Hateful. Desmodicus hates how bald Don Harper of Mars is, and loathes how fat the little child Umquat is. Desmodicus was offended by their offer of silver (as Desmodicus despises this metal), and was only mollified by the legal technicality that he must accept his own golden scales as a toll, even though he knew they would soon turn to rot. Will not look kindly upon the party if encountered a second time.

The players have begun to make some attempt to reinvigorate their reputation as Fighting Mongooses in good standing. They didn’t realize everyone was starting to think of them as slackers, what with all the top secret work they’ve been doing for The Internet! They’ve yet to deliver on anything though.

Highlights Recap
For the first hour and a half of the session, Jess, Lindsey, and I just drank wine and told each other filthy secrets we would never share sober. We’ve now formed a stronger bond of friendship, and will gradually become more cliquish and distant from the rest of you. That’s what you get for missing sessions.

When we got started, Umquat made the executive decision to remind the whole of the Fighting Mongoose territory that this party means business. If anything, they’re better at making stuff dead and getting shit done than they ever were! They went looking for a contract.

After a few days they get a bite. A low level job, way below their skill level, but none the less interesting. Someone from The Rulers Beneath the Black wanted a specific building in Outsider territory to be razed to the ground. Given the proximity between the two, Umquat reasoned that this might be the first phase of an aggressive expansion West by the RBB. Some small piece of a large puzzle beyond the scope the party would be able to grasp.

After debating whether or not they wanted to get involved, or even whether they wanted to take this information to The Outsiders, the party decided to pursue the job as it had been given to them.

On their way to the building they were supposed to arson out of existence they saw some scattered gold scales glittering at the entrance to an alley. They followed the short trail of scales and encountered a three armed, one-eyed dragon who was just curling up to sleep. It hissed at them, berating them for stepping into the presence of Desmodicus the Hateful, and demanding tribute to be allowed to pass.

It asked for baubles of gold, which the players did not have. They first tried to offer a silver tooth they had on them, but this only enraged the dragon who seemed to take special offense to silver. Thinking fast, they offered some of the golden scales they had picked up. The dragon, annoyed, accepted the scales only as a technicality. These would soon turn to rot, but as they are presently gold he was bound to accept them. The party beat a hasty retreat.

The party returned to their path, but only an hour later were halted again, and this time it was not by choice. A fleshy mound soared towards them with hungry teeth, propelled by soft rolling tissue not unlike a human eye. The creature slammed into Umquat, knocker her back but also causing the thing to gag as its prey strangely did not flee from the oncoming rush of its mass. Don Harper and Albert leaped into action, and after a fierce battle the party emerged triumphant over the female Rotocula.

They then hired some workers, and the whole mass of the thing was carted back to Fighting Mongoose territory while the party continued their mission.

The session ended In Media Res

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