Session 17 – Construction, Quarrelsome Neighbors, and Garbage Day

Dramatis Personae

+Ronnie Whelan as Ronnina the Magic User
+Linlin Kins as Umquat the Specialist
+Adventures of the Mind as Don Harper of Mars the Sepcialist

Albert the Great
Klaus the Slave
Henry Leichester the Horser

A silver tooth worth 300 credits.
Sold the bag of baby arms to Bric Shelic for 150 credits
The Marble Statue worth 8,000 credits.
Recovering the Life Support System, 12,000 credits.
Bonus from the Hangman, 1000 credits.
2 Server Blades for 300 credits each.

That’s a total of 22,050 or 7350 Credits / XP each A very profitable session.

Haven Turn
Ronnina spends her haven turn crafting the spell “Magic Missile.”

Don Harper of Mars spends his first haven turn training Toughness. 2 more to go before it is unlocked.

NPC Relationships

Lung Eye – Don Harper took some time to chat with him, asked him to stick around, which Lung Eye provisionally agreed to.

Alfred – Participated in several combats, but did not significantly distinguish himself.

Klaus – Slew the rolling head beast! Heck yeah! He feels pretty heroic about that.

Henry Lichfield – Acted as a strongman when the party decided to lug a pair of server blades out of the dungeon. Didn’t have much interaction aside from that.

Francis – Appreciates that the party kept their word regarding sealing up the hole they made in the floor. Doesn’t like Turble.

Turble – Appreciates that the party kept their word regarding sealing up the hole they made in the floor. Hopes they will also see to the garbage issue soon. Doesn’t like Francis.

Highlights Recap
After returning to the camp of The Fallen Lords, Don Harper told the rest of the party about this strange statue of earth stone encountered during the previous session, and insisted that the party investigate it before descending any further down. They agreed, but before they could reach their destination they were accosted by the giant rolling head creature earlier encountered with Zessler Vox!

The creature was at a great distance, which allowed the party to make a number of devastating attacks against it before it reached them. However, as it approached it launched a pair of teeth from its mouth. An attack that dealt severe damage to Don Harper, which he was lucky to survive. Just as it came within striking distance of the party (now being on fire, thanks to a spell from Ronnina), Klaus the Hero Slave stepped forward and attacked it with the katana Umquat had given him, dealing the final 2 hit points worth of damage needed to bring the creature down.

The party wanted to retreat to see to Don’s injuries, but Ronnina insisted they at least search the corpse of the creature. After some grizzly dissection, Ronnina removed a silver tooth from the creature, and they returned to the Fallen Lord’s camp happy.

After a couple days of recuperation, the party again attempted to reach the statue chamber, which they did successfully, passing only a few slime trails along the way. Its description had not changed since the previous session, and nothing further of interest could be determined, so the party used their engine block crane and their hovercraft to remove it and transport it to the surface. They’d barely announced that the thing was for sale than one of the wealthy Redstone Lords purchased it for 8,000 credits.

The party, at this point, took some time to replenish their supplies and equip their new hirelings, spending another day before returning to their task of retrieving the Life Support System.

Once they did return, they made directly for unknown territory, descending to the 3rd sublevel of the building. They moved towards the spot marked on their map with a single-minded determination, barricading the doors leading to other parts of the floor, and exploring only the hallway where they would need to place their explosives.

Methodically the party checked each room in the hall, looking for any dangers which might be alerted by the explosion they were about to set off. The first room appeared to be an empty half-basketball court that had been long abandoned by whomever lived there. The next was an office in surprising condition. Ronnina grabbed some files from the office, as well as taking a picture of the office whiteboard which was covered with complex math. The next room was so filled with foul smelling garbage that the party couldn’t even push their way in.

Across the hall the party found 6 server rooms, all fairly deserted save for the center two. In the first of these the party encountered Francis, a shadowy, spectral creature with a vague gorilla-like shape to his form. Francis was amiable, despite the player’s rude entrance into his home. His only concern when told that there would be an explosion was first that it would not damage his home, and second that the party would be sure to cover it up when they were done. The party assured him it would be taken care of, and he recommended they also speak to his (supposedly much less friendly) neighbor, Turble.

Turble was a tangle of snakes that had formed themselves into the shape of a human. He was, if anything, just as amiable as his neighbor, but likewise implied that his neighbor was a deeply unpleasant fellow and that he was sorry to the party that they had to deal with him. He had similar concerns to Francis, and also wondered when the next garbage pickup would be, as it had been some time since their garbage room had been emptied. Don Harper accepted some paperwork from him, and assured him that the problem would be looked into.

From here, the party’s exploits went smoothly. THey placed the explosives where they were told to, blew a hole in the floor down to Sublevel 4. They descended into an area filled with high tech machinery, found the life support system, extracted it (along with any pipes & accessories they could pry up), craned it back up through the hole, grabbed a pair of server blades for good measure, then returned to the surface with their loot.

They encountered a stumbling block at the Redstone Lord Wall on sublevel one when Ronnina’s lie about the Life Support System being a defective hydraulic support for the building was not believed. But Ronnina successfully played on the guard’s lack of confidence to get past him. A generous donative of 20 credits to each of the soldiers didn’t hurt.

While transporting the device through the streets towards the Hangman, the party encountered Bric Shelic again, who purchased the party’s bag of baby arms, and sold Ronnina the arm of a young Hispanic woman of similar age. Apparently she was a prostitute who died from an unfortunate collision with a hot dog cart. Not Bric Shelic’s, though.

The party also found a sex shop where Ronnina purchased a dildo, and Umquat purchased a riding crop branded with the word “SLUT.”

The party finally reached The Hangman, who chipped Don Harper and gave him a phone, accepted the Life Support System, as well as the files Ronnina had pilfered from the office. When told that the players had promised to pave over the destroyed floor, she agreed to send a work crew down to take care of it now that the path was clear.

A week later the Hangman sent the players a 1000 credit bonus.

So ended June 2516 C.E.

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