Session 13 – Wherein a Dead Wizard’s Underwear Proves Indispensable

Dramatis Personae

Lindsey Vegh as Umquat
Spencer Kelty as Virgil
Ronnie Whelan as Ronnina

Muta-Bro the Hireling
Klaus the Slave

Magic Words: Dog, Cloak, Magic, Missile, Sleep, Rock, Web, Glare
Technological Junk: A freestanding lamp, a model rocket, a nice 88-key electronic keyboard.
Virgil remembered he had a UV Flashlight in his pantaloons. So now you’ve got a UV flashlight.
A motivational cat poster.
A library of handwritten books on the subject of magical summonings. They require 4 encumbrance to transport, and entitle the owner to ask 4 questions about magic summoning which the referee will answer.
Eight keys on a keyring, taken from Gregor the Jailer’s robes.
Gregor the Jailer’s robes, complete with so-deep-as-to-be-useless-pockets.
Gregor the Jailer’s black underwear, which offer protection from The Black Field
A wooden box containing 2,381 Credits.
An ornate silver necklace worth 4,212 Credits.

That is 2198 Credits and Experience Points for each of the three participants.

Smartphones are powered by cold-fusion batteries that only require a charge once every five years.

Gregor the Jailer seemed convinced that Zessler Vox would attack him by staging a meeting with the Fallen Lords. During that meeting the Mutated Lords would explode, spraying him with their poisoned blood. Gregor made sure to wrap his body in plastic anytime he met with the Mutated Lords. He was also concerned that Vox’s many experimental creatures might not be recognized by him if he encountered them, and so resolved to carry as many entrapment spells as he could manage, allowing him to study Vox’s creations leisure.

The party knows that in some laboratory, somewhere beneath the 1st sublevel of this building, is a magical birds nest.

NPC Relationships
Bartleby Swift is a 7’ tall Lord who (apparently) slept with the daughter of a Ceo, and was punished with duty far below his dignity. He commands a paltry 4 soldiers, guarding the Redstone civilians of a building from the creatures that live in the lower levels. He seems to have a bit of a drinking problem, and has been convinced that the PCs are building inspectors.
Robert Brussle is a hunch backed, noodly-armed mutant who has fled from Redstone Lord society to avoid the slavery and untouchable status that is the fate of all those who fail gene therapy. The players initially threatened Robert, but the two groups established that no harm was intended by either party, and came to an accord. Robert agreed to offer the party all assistance in reaching their goals, if the party promises to kill one Zessler Vox, a magician living in the 2nd sublevel of the building.
Zessler Vox is a powerful magician. The party have not met him yet, but they have come to know him by reputation. The Mutant Lords fear him, and say that while he was apparently a rival to Gregor the Jailer, there was never any question that Zessler is the stronger of the two.

Highlights Recap

Resuming the party’s adventures in June 2516 C.E.

As the session began the players were newly equipped with their hoversled, their engine crane, and a map that ostensibly showed 3 secret entrances to the building they meant to infiltrate. Studying the map and building they saw that one secret entrance led into the 2nd floor of the building, another led into the 44th floor, and a third was immediately in front of the main entrance. This one, situated on the ground, would lead down to the first sublevel. Virgil became exasperated, found a UV light in his equipment that he had forgotten he was carrying, and used it (along with some water) to find the edges of the secret door. But not how to open it.

Umquat, stepped inside of the building to search for a switch that might open the secret door, but was distracted by a motivational cat poster she saw on the wall. She pulled it down and was surprised to discover a pair of eyes looking back at her. There was a slit in the wall, through which someone had been spying on them! The person stumbled back, and Umquat saw them disappear through a door. The party quickly smashed through the cheap sheetrock wall, into what had once been a closet. They exited through the same door as their erstwhile spy, and found themselves on a landing for stairs leading down. Since that’s what they’d wanted to find anyway, they descended.

Virgil and Ronnina got into a brief, loud scuffle on the stairs for no apparent reason. Umquat, Muta Bro, and Klaus looked on in annoyance while they maneuvered the sled down the stairs.

Getting back to business, Virgil took point down the stairs, and opened the door they found there. He tried to be stealthy, but of course the scuffling of a moment ago had given away his position. The moment the door was open, a trio of soldiers on the other side wedged it open, and presented Virgil with a wall of shields and spears. Their commander, a great 7’ tall Redstone Lord named Bartleby Swift, asked Virgil who he was, and what he was doing here.

Virgil lied and said he was the building inspector. The obvious lie didn’t convince Bartleby, who sarcastically asked to see his papers. Virgil, again exasperated, managed to find a secret door on the wall behind him. Knocking it open, Virgil pointed to it as proof that he was, indeed, the building inspector. Now convinced, Bartleby sighed, assuming his superiors had sent him this non-Lord to check up on him as some kind of further humiliating punishment.

The party and the soldiers here briefly conversed with one another about the area and what the players could expect. Bartleby quickly excused himself to go drink, and the soldiers were friendly enough. They described their post as a cushy gig. Something that didn’t need doing, but which they were assigned to handle for no reason other than to humiliate their commander. They also expressed some distaste for the gross muto-men they sometimes saw beyond their wall, whom they would fire arrows at on sight. Gross, society-destroying muto-men!

The party thanked the soldiers for their information, and made their way over the wall with their hover sled. Then, carefully picking their way through the scattered bear traps beyond the wall that separated the “civilized” portion of the building from the wilderness, the players made their way north where they encountered a locked door.

While Umquat tried to unlock the door, a chanting started. A spell was loosed from the darkness, and all of the party but Virgil fell asleep at once. A wizard in a black robe had emerged from a door to the East, and was already chanting a second spell.

Virgil and this new wizard did battle with one another. He commanded his robe to twist itself into a dog, which tried to pounce on and entangle Virgil, to no avail. Virgil successfully killed the wizard, and as he died he shouted “Gregor the Jailer is slain!”

Virgil woke his sleeping companions, and they gathered the effects of the dead wizard. From here they headed East and discovered a room filled with a light fluffy moss, which Umquat recognized as edible. In the distance the party heard someone harvesting the moss, and Virgil snuck up on that person and put his rapier to their back. The person introduced himself as Robert Brussle, a Fallen Lord. He was a gross, hunchbacked, noodle-armed mutant with a single massive eye.

The two groups conferred, and learned that Robert & his people had an uneasy accord with Gregor. They were glad he was dead, but Robert feared that without Gregor, another wizard named Zessler Vox would feel emboldened to take over Gregor’s territory, and enslave the Fallen Lords in the process.

Robert led the party to his settlement, where they reached an accord: the Fallen Lords would assist the party in any way they could, on the condition that the party kill Zessler Vox. The party agreed, and asked where they might find Gregor’s home. The Fallen Lords told them it was across The Black Field, but that only Gregor had known how to cross the field safely.

Umquat tried to cross the field first, carrying Gregor’s body, but she was grabbed by ashy black hands. Virgil tried next, going to rescue Umquat while wearing Gregor’s black robes, but he too was held by hands. Finally, Ronnina charged out onto the Field of Black wearing Gregor’s underwear on her head. The hands immediately retreated, and the party was free to cross The Black Field without incident. On the other side they found Gregor the Jailer’s home, and looted it of its many treasures.

The session ended In Media Res

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