Dungeon Moon Mark III – Session 2: The Nohells Clan

Dramatis Personae
+Ronnie Whelan as Veritavia the Bangtail
Adam as Mr. Brown, the Bear in Disguise
Andrew as Mift Liver, the Gift Giver
David as [Unknown] the Slasher

A good amount of Hammerhead Salamander Meat, some of which was sold for a total of 170sp.

Whittled Salamander bones down into 8 normal arrows.

3 Hammerhead Salamander Hides

Spider Bros: A bunch of totally wasted children of Tzu’Bleh. One of them recognized that Mr. Brown was a bear, but the others insisted he was just wasted. They revealed that they do drugs away from town so as not to annoy their telepathic mother with their muddled thoughts.

Tully the Vicious: The wizard took an immediate fancy to Veritavia, and invited her to give up the adventuring life to be Tully’s personal aide for a hefty stipend. She did not like Veritavia’s party mates as much. Veritavia declined, which seemed to only mildly disappoint Tully. Tully made sure to point out that the offer was open so long as Veritavia didn’t mar herself with any scars or disfigurements.

The Nohells Clan: The party made a good first impression on the NoHells clan, and were given a few bits of armor so that other NoHells would recognize them as friends.

(This session recap may be of minor interest to +Gus L)

Highlights Recap
After hearing about local surface landmarks, the party decided that they would like to try and reach the sea to the north. They left town, and on the way they met a trio of Tzu’Bleh’s spider-headed children. The trio was drunk and belligerent, referring to the party as “Stupid Humos.” One of the trio managed to notice that Mr. Brown is–in fact–a bear. However, since he was totally wasted, everyone just thought he was seeing things.

Before parting ways the trio let slip that Tzu’Bleh’s children only do drugs when they’re far from their mother, as she dislikes hearing their muddled thoughts via her telepathy.

As the party continued they found a straight line groove in the ground, 6″ wide, V shaped, and very smooth. The line continued off in both directions further than they could see, and the party opted to follow the line rather than continue on to the sea.

Shortly after they started following the line they encountered a woman. She wore a great deal of leather and spikes, with numerous violent tattoos and a massive green Mohawk. Two men wearing full plate and carrying great swords walked beside her. The men’s hands were manacled. And the woman–already tall in her own right–wore a pair of shoes which merged with the backs of a pair of large Rottweiler dogs, such that it was impossible to tell where the shoes ended and the Rottweiler’s back began. She stood high atop the two beasts as they walked for her.

The woman spotted Veritavia, and who immediately caught her attention for some reason. She introduced herself as Tully the Vicious, and invited Veritavia to come serve as her personal aide for an impressive stipend. After much deliberation, Veritavia declined. Tully was only mildly disappointed, and noted that the offer would still be open if Veritavia reconsidered before suffering any disfiguring wounds. Tully then went on her way, and the party continued to follow the line.

Over the course of several hours the followed the line through several changes in direction and branching paths until they spotted a group of large Hammerhead Salamanders in the distance. The party surprised the beasts, and managed to slay them without overmuch difficulty.

They chopped the Salamanders up into bits and returned those bits to town, offering a tail to Tzu’Bleh as her 10% cut, and distributing the rest of the animal bits among themselves.

Their kills offloaded, the party returned to following the grooves in the ground, and very quickly discovered that they were tracing a path of literal 6-mile hexes in the ground. Apparently Dungeon Moon is literally constructed of hexes.

Dropping this fairly useless line-following endeavor, the party decided to return to marching North towards the sea. On their way there they found a fortress of wood (apparently brought here from the nearby forest. Above the fort was a flag depicting a lance piercing the sky.

The party called up to the parapets, and were answered by a woman who declared this to be an outpost encampment of the Nohells Clan. She asked if the players were under the sway of false gods, which they said they were not. The players asked what the deal with the Nohells clan was, and the woman described their mission to bring about the death of all false gods. At this the party perked up and asked if the Ur-Slug counted as a false god, which the woman confirmed that it did.

Much to the woman’s confusion, the party immediately requested to join the Nohells clan. She called to her commanding officer, and the older woman allowed the party inside. She explained that the Nohells clan was really more of a family business, but that they would welcome any aide the players could offer, and would be willing to offer aide if the players were pursuing the deaths of false gods. She offered the players small bits of armor to help them identify themselves as friends of the Nohells clan.

Determined to reach the sea before the fast approaching end time for the session, the party continued on north and discovered a vast sea of boiling water. Hoping to find a boat they could use to explore the water, they began to skirt the edge of the sea to the West, where they bumped up against a mountain of hexagonally shaped steps.

Ever the easily distracted group, the party decided to scale the mountain and survey the surrounding hexes, which they did.

The session ended In Media Res

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