LotFP Class: Slasher

JasonPCI’m in a Halloween mood. And who doesn’t want to play as Jason in their next game?

Slashers like to kill people. But just killing them is boring. Slorch, dead, done. There’s no flavor to it. In order for a kill to be really memorable, really worthwhile, there has to be fear. And here’s where the Slasher really excels. Slashers can cause fear like no other creature can.

Slashers are not undead creatures. But, then, they’re clearly not normal examples of their kind any longer, are they? If undead are dead things which enjoy the benefits of being alive, the Slashers are living things which enjoy the benefits of being dead.

The slasher uses a d8 for its hit die. Hit bonus and saves advance as a cleric.

Stealth: At first level, the Slasher’s stealth skill is 1-in-6, and improves by 1 on even numbered levels. (2-in-6 at level 2; 3-in-6 at level 4, etc.)

Weapon Restrictions: The imposing nature of the Slasher’s physical presence is the source of their power. As such, they cannot use ranged weapons as part of any of their abilities. And, due to the lack of deliciously personal fear ranged weapons produce, Slashers tend to be bummed about using them. They take a -2 penalty to hit.

Fake Out: Any time a Slasher takes damage, they may “die” if they wish to. 1d4 – 1 rounds later, the Slasher returns, jumping out from some nearby hiding place and gaining a surprise attack on anyone within melee range. The body they leave behind when they die is their real body. Nobody will ever notice it has disappeared until the very instant before the Slasher returns. The Slasher must reappear after 1d4 – 1 rounds. They can’t delay their return for any reason.

Jump Scare: A Jump Scare is an attack made against the target’s wisdom score, rather than their armor class. If the attack is attempted outside of a surprise action, then it requires a full round to make the attempt, and that attempt suffers a -4 penalty.

If a Jump Scare is attempted during a surprise round, then it is a free action. If the Slasher so desires, they may also make a normal melee attack. If the melee attack succeeds, then the Jump Scare attack receives a bonus to-hit equal to 1/2 of the damage dealt by the melee attack.

(Example: You have a surprise round. You attack with your machete, dealing 4 damage. You then roll your Jump Scare attack, which receives a +2 bonus to hit due to the successful melee attack).

Characters who have been successfully hit by a Jump Scare suffer a cumulative -1 penalty to their morale score. Creatures without a Morale score are immune to Jump Scare. Affected creatures must also roll 1d6 on the table below, and add their wisdom modifier:

-2. The character suffers a heart attack and must save versus Poison or die from fear.
-1. The character is so shocked they faint, and remain unconscious for 2d6 rounds.
0. The character suffers a severe heart palpatation, and takes 1d8 hit point damage. They also attempt to run, but stumble, and cower on the ground for 1 round before getting up.
1. The character attempts to run, but they stumble over their own feet and are left cowering on the ground for 1 round before they regain their composure.
2. The character flees, dropping whatever they were carrying in the process.
3. The character attempts to flee.
4. The character is completely paralyzed by fear for 1 round, losing any bonus to their AC from dexterity. Any attacks the Slasher makes against them gain a +2 bonus.
5. The character is shaken. The Slasher gains a +2 to hit against them. The character is compelled to attack the Slasher in self defense, but their panicked flailing suffers a -4 penalty.
6.  The character is shaken. The slasher gains a +2 to hit against them. They are compelled not to attack the Slasher at all.
7. The character is shaken. The Slasher gains a +2 to hit against them. If the character is affected by Jump Scare again, they suffer a -1 when rolling on the effect table.
8. If the character is affected by Jump Scare again, they suffer a -2 when rolling on the fright table.
9. If the character is affected by Jump Scare again, they suffer a -1 when rolling on the effect table.

Quirk: Each slasher has a quirk, rolled randomly at level 1. Or chosen from the list, if your referee is generous.

  1. Slow. The character’s base speed is halved, but they never ever ever need to sleep.
  2. Lumbering. The Slasher suffers -2 to all attack rolls. (Not Jump Scare rolls.) Their weapon’s damage die is increased by 1. (So a 1d6 weapon becomes a 1d8 weapon.)
  3. Mute. The character can’t talk. They gain a +1 to their stealth checks.
  4. Masked. The Slasher loses all of their powers if their face is currently visible. So long as their face is covered, the Slasher has +1 armor rating.
  5. Tough. The character gains +1 hp each level, but their Fake Out resurrection happens after 1d4 +1 rounds, rather than 1d4 -1 rounds.
  6. Cannibal. The Slasher must eat the flesh of its own species each day. But it can smell its own species, up to a distance of 60′.
  7. Insane. The character gains a +2 to any save made against mind effecting effects, but suffers a -2 penalty to reaction rolls.
  8. Supernatural. The Slasher can be held at bay with strongly presented religious symbols, but after a Fake Out they can resurrect anytime they wish within 1 hour of ‘death,’ so long as they are within 30′ of either the character who “killed” them, or of one of their own allies.
  9. Lake terrorist. The character does not need to breathe at all, making them immune to gas effects, and allowing them to stay underwater indefinitely. However, they can only gain restful sleep while underwater.
  10. The Judge. When the Slasher looks at a person, they immediately know the worst thing that person has ever done in their life. And, somehow, that person also knows that the slasher knows.
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2 thoughts on “LotFP Class: Slasher”

  1. I loved the Lake terrorist quirk:D This is a great idea for a class tbh, I would use it and add some sort of timed frenzy ability but mix it with your slow quirk like a ‘Relentless Frenzy’ but the char is at half speed throughout the duration of the frenzy. Like movement speed reduced to 50%, cannot be stopped for ?-seconds, mitigates damage by ?%

    1. For sure! You could add tons of potential new quirks. I’m certain some of the weaker ones on my list could be replaced by much better choices as well.

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