LotFP/FFX Class: Wakka

FFX_Wakka_ArtWakka is a Blitzballer. Blitzball is a kind of soccer-like sport that is played entirely underwater. The physical demands of the sport are intense, and it thus produces amazing athletes. Retired or washed-out players often find a life of adventure to be a profitable post-career pursuit.

The class has a 1d8 hit die. They advance in level and saving throws as a fighter, and attack as a specialist. They are able to make unarmed attacks dealing 1d6 damage, rising to 1d8 at level 4, and then 1d10 at level 8.

Blitzballers are notable for their skill at moving in water. Much of their intense athletic training focused on the ability to remain underwater for long periods and still play an effective game. Blitzballers are thus able to hold their breath for up to 1 hour per level, and can move and attack underwater just as effectively as they do on land.

The blitzball itself is a unique item. Few have the skills and knowledge required to craft them, and the materials are expensive to acquire. A regulation blitzball for use in the sport costs 300sp. Some adventuring blitzballers have discovered modifications to the regulation ball to make it a more effective combat weapon. A level 1 blitzballer begins play with a regulation blitzball. If lost, they must pay to replace it.

To the true blitzballer, the blitzball is an extension of the self. Which, of course, is why they’re able to make unarmed attacks with their blitzball. The attack range increment is 30′ + 10′ every 2 levels. They deal damage by targeting nerve clusters. And on a natural 20, the target of a blitzballer’s attack must save v. Paralyzation or their body will go completely limp until their next turn. Of course, this only works with creatures who have nerve clusters. On a successful attack, the Blitzball will then ricochet back into the blitzballer’s hands. On a failed attack, the blitzballer has miscalculated their throw. They must spend a round retrieving their ball before they can attack with it again.

Flying creatures are particularly prone to the blitzballer’s attacks. If a flying creature is hit by a blitzball attack, it must immediately save versus Paralyation or fall to the ground. Creatures which fly without wings (such as someone under the effects of a Fly spell) receive a +4 to this save.

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2 thoughts on “LotFP/FFX Class: Wakka”

  1. The nerve clusters bit means that creatures without nerve clusters are not affected or less affected? The undead, constructs, etc.

    I always thought the blitzball thing was a bit goofy the few times that I tried to play FF X (and never got more than about 12 hours into it), but this sounds surprisingly fun as a dungeon delving class. I’d probably want the blitzball attack to bounce back (unless there was some fictional reason why it couldn’t) so that the ball was kind of like an attack boomerang.

    1. Blitzball is goofy as all hell. The whole tone of FFX was all over the place. But I thought the mini game was fun, particularly the way you could ask various people throughout the world to join your team. And Wakka himself is lovable. Even if throwing a ball at bad guys is ridiculous. I love it.

      The nerve cluster thing wouldn’t work on creatures without nerve clusters. That’s a good point.

      I actually kinda took it for granted that the ball would return to your hands after you used it. I suppose if you don’t have the visuals from the game playing in your head as you read the post above, that isn’t very clear at all I’ll amend that.

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