Death Touched

620x315xOSRToday-Fiction-Friday-620x315.png.pagespeed.ic.m8zwZ2iuCQI recently wrote a piece of short fiction about a magic user, a fighter, and a specialist who band together to go treasure hunting in a dungeon deep in the forgotten wilderness. OSR Today has graciously given my fiction a home, and for the last 5 weeks, one chapter of my story has been going up every Friday. As of today, the final chapter has been posted, and you can now read the story in full.

Death Touched Part 1.

Death Touched Part 2.

Death Touched Part 3.

Death Touched Part 4.

Death Touched Part 5.


It only now occurs to me that perhaps I ought to have been making blog posts about this the whole time. Self promotion doesn’t really come naturally to me. I’ll do better next time.

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