Picture Thursday 42: The Secret Tower (II) by René Aigner


This is probably true for every fantasy tabletop gamer, but I have something of a fetish for wizard towers. I don’t think we really take advantage of the fact that they can be literally anything and it’s totally legit because a wizard did it. Perhaps the wizard’s tower is a blade of grass which she made enormous, or a lightning bolt from the sky which was frozen in time and had doors and windows carved into it. Fuck if I know, they’re wizards!

While it’s not quite that wacky, this piece by René Aigner represents one of my favorite types of wizard towers. This is the tower of a bush wizard. An eclectic pile of junk which really only makes sense if you understand that rat poo can be used to summon flaming rainbows, and old newspapers are an essential component in time travel spells. Or maybe she’s just crazy and old, you can’t really tell.

René’s deviantart gallery is filled with some marvelous fantasy landscapes of all types. I highly recommend his work. And he sells prints! I find myself really wishing I had a little more wall space for a few of these.



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3 thoughts on “Picture Thursday 42: The Secret Tower (II) by René Aigner”

  1. Yeah, I love wizard’s towers. Even if it’s not REALLY a tower, all mages in my game worlds inhabit domiciles that they call towers.

    Since they’re wizards, they can call their houses whatever they want and, since I like my wizards to be a bit on the power-crazed side they like to use their magic to enhance their living space.

    Maybe that little mud hut you passed has in reality several dozen floors, all of which extend sideways into alternate realities from which the wizards takes spell components, customers, and knowledge? Who know?! It’s legit though, as you said, ’cause a wizard did it! :D

  2. Hey, thanks for the post. I was surfing around Google images for brain-fodder eye candy for a fantasy story I’m working on.

    Nothing sets the tone quite as well as an awesome piece of art, even when the medium you work in is mostly words.

    So, now I’m off to that DeviantArt portfolio!

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