Picture Thursday 36: Deplorable Book Molestation

LS performing degenerate acts

Last month I cut a bunch of my expenses, set a bunch of money aside, then purchased one of nearly every product in the new Lamentations of the Flame Princess store. As you can see, my physical items arrived today, and I’m relishing in the decadent act of rubbing them all over my body.

And a hearty thank you to the generous Mr. Raggi for including LotFP bookmarks, and a copy of the Grindhouse edition! Neither of which I ordered, but both of which will be put to good use.

I seriously considered doing this photo in the nude, with shirts covering my unmentionables. You’re welcome for thinking better of it.

Now leave me. I have books to perform…acts upon.

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4 thoughts on “Picture Thursday 36: Deplorable Book Molestation”

  1. That’s awesome. I think I almost own everything he has put out as well, and like you I ended up getting them all in one giant order because I kept telling him to hold off on shipping me stuff till the Kickstarter stuff was all shipping.

    Qelong and the God That Crawls are really good adventures. And the Grindhouse Edition is amazing. (I have a giant-ass review of that on my blog.)

    1. That was precisely my thinking. I want everything, so why not just buy it all at once, rather than spreading my purchases over many months, paying expensive shipping fees each time?

      I read “Fuck for Satan” last night. (The dungeon is a little bit too much of a ‘screw you’ dungeon for my tastes, but there are some fantastic elements. Twinkly was so amazing I had to call someone and read it to them.) I think I’m going to dip into Carcosa tonight. See what all the fuss is about.

  2. Currently a favorite system of mine. I’ve been talking to James lately and I will soon be featuring an “open play test” for a LotFP product I’m working on. Keep an eye on my blog!

    1. Good luck! The monster manual I’m working on will also be LotFP compatible. Not an official supplement, mind you, but I’m trying to make it seem as much like one as possible.

      (in terms of quality / style. I’m not trying to fool anyone or anything).

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