Deadly Dungeons 20: Dancing Skeleton Room

Dancing Skeleton Clip Art - Unknown SourceThere is nothing tricky about the dancing skeleton room.

Nor is there anything deadly.

Nor even is there anything dangerous.

No map has been provided, because the room is both extremely plain, and extremely variable. It may be any shape or size, and have any number of doors. Its features may be entirely plain, or if you wish, the room may have wooden floors and mirrors on all of the walls. The only important element of the room is that it be large enough to support a large number of medium creatures. I’ve used 50-100, though larger or smaller groups may also work.

Upon opening the door to the room, the players are greeted with a truly bizarre sight. Droves of skeletons are dancing in unison. Graceful, energetic, wild dancing, with occasional maneuvers which could never be performed by a body with muscles and ligaments. One style of dance flows seamlessly into another, and no dance ever repeats.

The skeletons will ignore the players unless the players interact with them. If the players dance with the skeletons, the skeletons will gather around them and emulate the player’s movements. If the player sings, the skeletons will try to sing backup–though their voices are a high pitched screeching which can’t enunciate words very well at all. The skeletons will be intrigued by anything which involves new and exciting ways to dance. And that is all they care about. If the players propose a dance competition, the skeletons will gleefully participate. But the winner will quickly grow bored of their prize once they run out of ways to dance with it.

If at any point the skeletons do have reason to perform an action, they will dance while they do it. Even tied up, a skeleton will find a way to rhythmically wiggle in their bonds. The only time the skeletons will stop dancing is if the players deal damage to one of their number. In this event, the skeletons will wail and cry in their high pitched screeching. They will flee from the players, and cower in the corner as far from their attackers as they can. Once they have been attacked, they will not dance again. If the player returns to this room after some time has passed, she will find the skeletons standing nearly motionless, shifting sadly from one foot to the other.

These skeletons provide no experience points.

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8 thoughts on “Deadly Dungeons 20: Dancing Skeleton Room”

  1. I have to say, that was the funnest room I have ever found. And the skeletons were the best loot ever. Now I have a troop of dancing skeletons. Whats not to love.

  2. I just stumbled upon your blog, and am catching up. I’m really enjoying it – this post in particular. So, uh, thanks for that.

  3. hi, i’m looking for a representation of a particular skeleton and I hope you can direct me. it’s a standing skeleton leaning slightly on a cane (i think) looking directly forward tipping his top hat. I use that as a sticker in conjunction with another sticker, the EGA, to make a understated statement.. will/can you help me?

    1. I’m afraid I don’t know how I could help you with that. I just found this picture when I googled “Dancing skeleton clipart,” or something to that effect.

  4. Question: is the dancing skeleton image at the top of the page copyright?

    I would love to add him to a painting I’m working on.

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