Picture Thursday 26: “Sound II” by Antony Gormley

Sound II by Antony Gormley. Photo by Niel HowardAnother statue this week. A statue curious enough that it seems it ought to be posted as part of the Deadly Dungeons series, rather than the Picture Thursday series. Credit to Niel Howard for the superb photograph.

This is “Sound II,” in a crypt beneath Winchester Abbey. I was surprised to learn that the piece is not nearly so ancient as the church in which it resides. I don’t have a date for its installation, but the sculptor is still alive, and in his 60s.

The featureless figure is gazing into his cupped hands, which apparently fill with water when this area floods–as seen in the photograph. That is absolutely going to appear in one of my dungeons soon.

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3 thoughts on “Picture Thursday 26: “Sound II” by Antony Gormley”

    1. I’ve seen the statue & the room from a few dozen different angles at this point, different lighting, different water levels, etc. So I can confirm it’s real. =D

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