Map Monday

A Random Dungeon

I’ve been working on making better dungeon maps lately. Incorporating interesting elements, creating large branching paths, stuff like that. This is my most recent attempt which I probably won’t be using for anything. I’ve recently become enamored of dungeons with rivers running through them. It’s an interesting way to incorporate something natural into the generally artificial dungeon environment, and serves as an interesting tool for both exploration and encounters.

If you’ve any desire to use this, feel free.

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4 thoughts on “Map Monday”

  1. This is perfect for the next session I’m running! Thank you so much for putting this up :D
    I’m going to be running a dungeon set under an abandoned lighthouse and this rocks.

    1. 10ft. I used to make 5ft squares, but I found that a room which was moderately sized on paper ended up being too small for a group of adventurers to move around in comfortably–much less fight in.

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