Picture Thursday 20: Molten Cavern by IgorIvArt

Molten Cavern by IgorIvArtI don’t need to tell you that dwarfs are my favorite fantasy race, right? Because you guys all know I’m not a moron. And if dwarfs weren’t my favorite fantasy race, I would be a moron, wouldn’t I?

Wouldn’t I? >.>

This fan-fucking-tastic piece of art from IgorIvArt is a gorgeous depiction of dwarven architecture. You really need to view it at full size to pick up on the great detail of the piece. The stylized carvings on either side of the entrance, the streams of molten rock running down the sides, the latticework of the cavern wall, it gets me in the mood to play the most stoic kind of dwarf. I feel like this would be the secret entrance to a great dwarven city. The labyrinthine caverns required to reach this place are so complex and twisting that only a dwarf could navigate it.

IgorIvArt doesn’t have the biggest gallery on DeviantArt yet, but I like this alchemist image a lot as well.

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