On Practicing the Dead Ways

copy-janez-kastav-Danse-macabre-hrastovlje-960When you move a website’s URL, there’s always going to be this annoying dip in traffic. It’s frustrating, because as a webmaster you’re doing this to improve your website and make it more accessible for your readership. But this dip is also natural. People who only ‘kinda’ liked your site won’t bother to update their bookmarks. New readers who come to your site by following old links might be interested enough to check your newest post, but not so interested that they’ll click over to an entirely new website. It takes some time for a new site to gain traction.

One of my very favorite OSR bloggers, Brendan of Untimately, is no longer of Untimately. You can now find his writings at:


I highly recommend going over and checking Brendan’s new digs out. It’s not an easy admission for me, but I honestly think Brendan is a better GM and a better blogger than I am. I consistently learn something from every post I read, and being a player in his Pahvelorn campaign has been the most consistently fun role playing experience I have ever had. No exceptions. If you’re reading Papers & Pencils, then you ought to be reading Necropraxis as well.

Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to catch up on the posts I missed.

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3 thoughts on “On Practicing the Dead Ways”

  1. You know, it’s posts like this that show what a caring guy you are. Way to be upstanding. I’m proud to call you a friend.

  2. I had a similar problem when I moved away from WordPress to my own page. There are days when it’s very quiet, and I get more traffic on the old page. Well done for helping out a fellow blogger though, I’ll head over myself and take a look…

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