Magical Rings by *BATTLEFAIRIES

Magical Rings by *BATTLEFAIRIESFor me, magical rings are the quintessential magic item. Sure magic brooches or magic swords can be cool, and often are, but there’s something about rings. Maybe its the fact that we imbue them with an almost magical significance in our society (wedding rings being the most prominent example). Perhaps it’s because they ornament our hands, and our hands are fuckin’ amazing.

The above piece from *BATTLEFAIRIES is an example of how varied rings can be. It’s something I tried to express myself a few months back, but there’s really no substitute for art when you’re trying to express the appearance of something. I highly recommend you check out the artist’s gallery, where there are several other pieces similar to this one. Including a nice array of weapon designs.

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One thought on “Magical Rings by *BATTLEFAIRIES”

  1. Those rings are awesome! Detailed and diverse, enough that I could think of distinct effects each one would have without even resorting to wracking my poor, cudgled brain!

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