Picture Thursday 15: “Roll for Initiative…” by Jon Hodgson

Roll for Initiative by Jon Hodgson

I really have nothing to say about this piece which it does not say itself. A majestic landscape, a threatening beast, and a party who looks small and terrified in the face of this great danger. (But none the less resolute to find themselves some god damned treasure)!

Jon Hodgson is a talented artist who does a lot of work with this kind of composition. Large, dynamic pieces with a lot going on. It’s no surprise his work has appeared in The One Ring RPG. I’m very grateful he allowed me to share this piece with you, and I encourage you to browse through his Deviant Art gallery. There are dozens of gems to be found there!

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2 thoughts on “Picture Thursday 15: “Roll for Initiative…” by Jon Hodgson”

  1. This is a definite “Oh shit.” moment. I’ve only managed to make a player look at that side of my DM screen and mouth/say “Oh shit.” in that deadpan, despairing sort of way that happens when you know you’re screwed a few times.

    Granted, I don’t go out of my way to compete with my players so the amount of genuine situations where they’re completely boned is entirely correlated to how often they don’t notice that I’m gently unwinding the rope they’re gleefully wrapping around their necks. Most times my players are clever enough to notice it but sometimes, well.. sometimes they try to kick the dragon in the balls.

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