Picture Thursday 14: Sandwich the Drow Paladin by Slants

Sandwich the Drow Paladin by Slants


EDIT: Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.

This was probably the most verbose entry in the Picture Thursday series I’ve ever written. Most of the time I just put up a 200-300 word assessment of the art. For this piece I had written some 600+ words on why it’s not a cliche, what the piece means to me, and the history of the character. Everything was fine last night, and I checked the post several times. Yet somehow when the post went online this morning, everything but the art itself was gone.

I honestly can’t rewrite what was here. I could try, but by the time I was off of work and free to do so, this post would be 10 hours old, and it’s doubtful anyone would see the revisions. Plus it would make it more difficult for me to get Tomorrow’s post written.

I’m sorry about this. Perhaps I can share Sandwich’s story some other time; for now you can explore her origins on her 1d4Chan entry.

If I can find the missing info, I’ll update this post again.

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5 thoughts on “Picture Thursday 14: Sandwich the Drow Paladin by Slants”

      1. As I wrote in the now foreverlost post, there’s something about the character which captured the attention of /tg/. She was a badass to be sure, but she was also such a happy person. We all felt happier having her in our collective imaginations.

        1. The diary entries were great. I especially liked the shift between Sandwich and her father. That both entries started with the same exclamation really drove home her dwarfishness and belonging to her clan.

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