Video: ‘The Reward’ from Animation Workshop

Screenshot from the Video

Bill Amend just tweeted this. I guess it’s a student film from Denmark or something. It’s also a perfect encapsulation, in my mind, of what a D&D campaign ought to be. Seeking gold and glory, and having a grand adventure along the way. Excelsior!

The Reward from The Animation Workshop on Vimeo.

I have no idea why I can’t center video by the way. Sorry about that. Also, is anyone else reminded of Torin’s Passage while watching this?

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6 thoughts on “Video: ‘The Reward’ from Animation Workshop”

  1. Not only a perfect example of a D&D adventure it terms of what was gained, but also from the scene at the very end, in what was missed. Certainly it’s old and cliched, but the saying about the journey being the real reward most certainly applies to D&D.

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