Merciless Monsters 11: Rotocula (Male)

The Rotocula, as illustrated by cbMorrie
The Rotocula, as illustrated by my ladyfriend, cbMorrie

The Rotocula is a sexually dimorphic creature which makes its home in mud flats. The adult forms of the male and female are so different that they have often been confused for completely different species. As such, they warrant separate monster entries.

The male of the species might be described as an oversized head mounted on a tripod of trunk-like legs. The average adult male stands nearly 11ft tall, with legs which can easily top 18 inches thick. The actual brain of the creature is quite small, allowing nearly all of the creatures organs to fit comfortably within its massive skull. This layer of protection makes the rotocula very difficult to harm.

The skin of the rotocula ranges from a earthy red, to brown, and is quite loose on the creature’s frame. Large folds of skin flop around on the creature’s body, making it appear as though it is perpetually melting. This “sloshing” look helps the rotocula appear to be pile of dirt, rather than a dangerous predator, while it waits for potential food to approach.

The most striking oddity of the Rotocula, and a feature shared by both genders, is their profoundly unusual feet. Rather than moving them up and down in a walking motion, or even gesticulating them to move as a snake does, the Rotocula rolls. Each leg ends in a massive, spherical mucus membrane with a core of solid bone.

Alzazi The Bloody Hand, a wizard who captured and dissected a number of the creatures, writes:

“These strange appendages–which this researcher hesitates to term ‘feet’–are not (as heretofore suspected) completely unique. Upon vivisection and further inspection, it cannot be ignored that these spheres closely resemble an organ found in our own bodies: the eye. Without the binding tassel of the optic nerve, it is allowed to roll freely, lending the creature a remarkable level of speed and silence of movement, while simultaneously denying it the ability to travel outside the flatlands of its home.” Alzazi the Bloody Hand, Archmage of the First Rank, from his seminal work, “Aberrant Anatomy”

Male Rotocula, in opposition to their female counterparts, spend most of their time at rest. They spread their legs flat on the ground, and wiggle them back and forth in the mud until they are mostly submerged. Once they are positioned, they close their eyes, and dig their snow into the earth, stick out their tongue and waiting for small vibrations to alert them to the presence of food–or females.

Male Rotocula

A flabby mass of mud is gliding towards you…very very quickly.

Rotocula; CR 10; [Aberration] [Mud Flats] [Active at 10-40 minute intervals, when food is near]

XP: 9,600
N Large Aberration
Init +4; Senses Perception +16, Tremorsense 100ft (Only when ‘burrowed.’)


AC 20, touch 10, flat-footed 20 [10 + Dex(1) + Size(-1) + Natural(10)]
HP 196 (12 HD, 12d8 + 132)
DR 8/-
Fort +19 Ref +5 Will +4;


Speed 100ft (10ft on non-flat ground)
Melee Slam + 15 (2d10 + 10) [+2d10 with Running Start]
Melee Bite + 6 (6d6 + 6)


Str 22 Dex 12 Con 33 Int 2 Wis 11 Cha 7
BAB +12/7/2; CMB 18; CMD 29
Languages None
SQ Running Start


Running Start(Ex) A male Rotocula’s slam attack is painful no matter what. But if the creature has enough space to reach its full speed, it can be even more devastating. If a male rotocula travels in a straight line for 50ft prior to making its slam attack, it deals an additional 2d10 damage.


Environment Mudflats. Very occasionally found in areas of plains.
Organization Solitary
Activity Cycle Active at 10-40 minute intervals, when food is near
Diet Any living creature of small size or larger; Natural Enemies Rotocula Females
Treasure None

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