Picture Thursday 8: “Cultural Misunderstandings 2” by ‘hibbary

Cultural Misunderstandings 2 by HibaryThe very talented ‘hibbary of DeviantArt graciously allowed me to share this short comic with you all. She has some fantastic artwork available for viewing, and I strongly encourage anyone who enjoys fantasy art to check out her gallery. Much of what she has posted there is actually much more technically impressive than this. Colors, shading, all of that jazz. But I thought this comic (one of several exploring the relationship between LotR’s Gimli and Legolas) was a particularly good fit for Picture Thursday, because it eloquently demonstrates a point which I myself have tried to express before. Albeit with a less elegant approach.

Namely, that every fantasy race is going to have a unique and profoundly different worldview from that of humans.

‘hibbary makes the same point earlier in Cultural Misunderstandings 1, but I preferred this piece. Maybe it’s because the joke is better executed.

Or…ya know. Maybe it’s something else.

LS is a Dwarf

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7 thoughts on “Picture Thursday 8: “Cultural Misunderstandings 2” by ‘hibbary”

  1. How’d the vinegar taste?

    Also this reminds me of an idea one of my players and I came up with, but have yet to implement… What if, when one’s character drinks something alcoholic, have no mechanical changes to the character, but the player has to take an appropriate drink or shot?

  2. There he is, LS the Dwarven… Dwarf. >.>

    Also, that’s a NERF axe, isn’t it? It’s very awesome. :D

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