Picture Tuesdays 6 – Castle Grayskull by Ralph MaQuarrie

Castle Grayskull from He Man and the Masters of the Universe, as imagined by Ralph McQuarrie

When it comes to fictional worlds, first and foremost in my affections will always be Star Wars. I can’t even number the ways in which that universe has shaped my artistic sensibilities, and my life as a whole. And when it comes to the men and women who gave that world life, few can be given more credit than artist Ralph McQuarrie.

Ralph McQuarrie rarely worked on fantasy projects, though I was able to find a few pieces he did relating to He-Man and the Master’s of the Universe. (A franchise others are far more familiar with than I). I particularly like this sketch of Castle Grayskull. The way that the castle is largely generic in construction, with only the skull shaped entrance to mark it as unusual, is very interesting to me.

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4 thoughts on “Picture Tuesdays 6 – Castle Grayskull by Ralph MaQuarrie”

  1. Yeah, that guy is pretty amazing. His star wars paintings are unreal. I wish he had given Masters of the Universe the same treatment. (Though they had some pretty great artists painting for them, so I can’t complain.)

    1. It’s difficult to find pictures of his art online, but it looks like his Masters of the Universe work is limited to a few sketches for the live action film.

    1. LS stands for “Link Skywalker,” because I came up with it when I was 14 and wanted to pay homage to my two favorite franchises: Zelda and Star Wars.

      As an adult I have largely abbreviated it to LS so I can be taken a little more seriously, without abandoning the name I’ve used for over a decade.

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