The History of Dice

The Awesome Dice Blog (which is indeed awesome) recently posted a fascinating infographic which is too cool not to share. The folks who made it have generously made it free to share, so here it is:

Awesome Dice Blog History of Dice Infographic

I see that Rome fell shortly after the invention of the D20. Maybe we ought to be giving more weight to Jack Chick’s warnings

There’s a lot more interesting information in the original post, so be sure to check that out as well!

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5 thoughts on “The History of Dice”

  1. Ha — I didn’t notice the connection between the d20 and the fall of the Roman empire. Good call. I hope that doesn’t mean we’re in trouble…

  2. Dod you know that 7 is a very important number of perfection? Did you know when you roll a dice the number on the top and the number on the bottom will always equal 7

    1. The numbers opposite one another on most dice almost always add up to the maximum roll for the die, +1. So on a D20, opposite sides add up to 21. On a D10, opposite sides add up to 11. It doesn’t work for all manufacturers, but it does for most.

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